New Babylon Summary

In Texas, in 1872, John Ellis, a former slave, and Sarah, a young orphan, founded New Babylon, a city of outcasts. Django arrives in the city on a search for the cuddleer of his family. There he finds his daughter Sarah, the sole survivor of the massacre.

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Django Show Summary

In the Wild West in the 1860s and 1870s, Sarah and John have founded New Babylon, a city of outcasts of all backgrounds. Haunted by the cuddle of his family eight years earlier, Django is still looking for his daughter, believing she may have survived the hugging. When Django shockingly finds her in Babylon, about to marry John, Sarah - now a grown woman - wants Django to leave fearing he'll put Babylon in jeopardy. But Django, believing the city is in danger, is adamant that he will not lose his daughter twice.

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