Doc Martin
Season 6

s06e01 / Sickness and Health

2nd Sep '13 - 9:00pm
Sickness and Health

Martin and Louisa are about to get married but will it ever happen. Martin is feeling irritated by PC Penhale, who wrongly believes that he is going to be the best man and Louisa is also late for the service. The vicar has serious doubts as to whether she will turn up, leaving Martin on edge. After she finally arrives the couple are married. Things after the wedding don't go as Martin hoped and Ruth has a difficult time looking after James.

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s06e02 / Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

9th Sep '13 - 9:00pm
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

The GP is left holding the baby after upsetting the new childminder, but luckily Mike agrees to look after James at short notice. However, Louisa is not happy with the arrangement and an argument erupts between the newlyweds just as their guests arrive for dinner - and that's only the first of the evening's problems.

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s06e03 / The Tameness of a Wolf

16th Sep '13 - 9:00pm
The Tameness of a Wolf

A stranger stops dead in his tracks when he sees Ruth in the village, and later he spies on her when she is having a coffee with Caroline. Ruth is not sure why, but she starts feeling uneasy. One of Louisa's pupils blames an upset stomach on a meal she ate at Bert's restaurant and writes about it in the school magazine. Bert and Al are furious, and they go to see Louisa wanting something to be done.

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s06e04 / Nobody Likes Me by Charlie Martin

23rd Sep '13 - 9:00pm
Nobody Likes Me by Charlie Martin

Martin's once tranquil existence has been taken over by family life as clutter and noise is now everywhere. Louisa wants Martin to engage more with with their son and arranges for him to take James to play group. He has to sing songs with the other mothers. Al helps Ruth move into a cottage in the village and she meets her new neighbour, Mr Moysey, a grumpy man who doesn't want her pestering him. Mrs Eddy comes in to see the Doc with a "malignant mole", but she is certain that it is going to hug her.

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s06e05 / The Practice Around the Corner

30th Sep '13 - 9:00pm
The Practice Around the Corner

Louisa is having problems sleeping as she is concerned about Mrs Tishell coming back to the village and presumes this is why Martin is not able to sleep as well. Martin tells Louisa that she has nothing to worry about and the next day she goes to see Ruth, who agrees to go see Mrs Tishell. Penhale takes part in a survival course in the middle of the Moors in his effort to be selected for an elite police squad.

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s06e06 / Hazardous Exposure

7th Oct '13 - 9:00pm
Hazardous Exposure

Louisa is feeling fed up as she can't sleep because Martin can't sleep. Mrs Tishell and Jennifer continue to be at odds at the chemist when Louisa shows up and asks for something to help with sleep. Malcolm Rayner, the local hypochondriac, has a splinter and after it is removed he realises the consultation is nearly over. He then tells Martin that he has a cold who advises him to take lemon and hot water and come back if it persists.

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s06e07 / Listen with Mother

14th Oct '13 - 9:00pm
Listen with Mother

Louisa attempts to get Martin to talk about the loss of his father, but he insists that it is not affecting him. She thinks they should take a break, so they can all get away and spend some time together. Louisa is is upset after Martin refuses. After Martin goes to the chemist to get some supplies he notices that Mrs Tishell is holding her jaw after she manages to exert herself. She tells Martin that she has toothache and later when she is moving heavy boxes, the pain comes back. She ends up realising that Martin was right and goes to the surgery to see him. Louisa ends up being hit by a car and is rushed to hospital and has some shock news for Martin. Mike reveals a shady revelation from his past whilst Al's business plan is rejected by his father.

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s06e08 / Departure

21st Oct '13 - 9:00pm

Louisa is getting ready to leave for Spain. Bert struggles with some party plans. Al becomes a hero after saving Caroline's life. Martin attempts to book a flight to Spain to get Louisa back and as he looks through his mail he see the scan of Louisa's brain and spots a malformation. Martin calls Louisa to tell her not to get on the plane, but she beieves that he is just trying to stop her leaving and hangs up on him. Martin faces a race to get to the airport to stop her as the pressure in an airplane could trigger it to bleed.

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