Doctor Who
Season 3

s03e01 / Smith and Jones

31st Mar '07 - 6:00pm
Smith and Jones

Location: Earth/Moon
Date: 2008
Enemies: Judoon, Plasmavore, Slabs
Introducing new traveller Martha Jones to the picture as she meets a mysterious John Smith. And before she knows it, the hospital she was working in is on the moon and it's under siege from the Judoon...

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s03e02 / The Shakespeare Code

7th Apr '07 - 6:00pm
The Shakespeare Code

Location: Earth
Date: 1599
Enemies: Carrionites
For her first ever trip in the TARDIS, the Doctor takes Martha to 1599 Elizabethan London. They quickly discover that the world is under threat from the evil Carrionites and history's most celebrated playwright William Shakespeare is under the control of the sinister witch-like creatures.

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s03e03 / Gridlock

14th Apr '07 - 6:00pm

Location: New Earth
Date: The year 5,000,000,053
Enemies: Macra
The Doctor and Martha visit New Earth, and Martha gets kidnapped by two "car jackers" heading towards a motorway.
The Face of Boe tells his final words to the Doctor; his big secret...

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s03e04 / Daleks in Manhattan (1)

21st Apr '07 - 6:00pm
Daleks in Manhattan (1)

Location: New York
Date: 1930s
Enemies: Daleks (Cult of Skaro), Pig Slaves
It's 1930s New York. As Manhattan finds itself in the grip of The Great Depression, people are disappearing off the streets.

Savage Pig Men are hiding in the sewers and, at the very top of the Empire State Building, the Doctor's oldest nemeses, The Daleks, are busy preparing their most audacious plan yet.
The Doctor and Martha must team up with the locals to defeat the Daleks and prevent an already depressed city from total ruin.

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s03e05 / Evolution of the Daleks (2)

28th Apr '07 - 6:00pm
Evolution of the Daleks (2)

Location: New York
Date: 1930s
Enemies: Daleks
The newly-created Dalek-human hybrid, and the other three members of the Cult of Skaro launch an attack on Hooverville, along with their Pig Slaves. The Doctor, Martha, and Frank manage to escape, but discover that the Daleks' plan involving the Empire State Building...

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s03e06 / The Lazarus Experiment

5th May '07 - 6:00pm
The Lazarus Experiment

Location: London
Date: 2008
Enemy: Professor Lazarus
Back in modern-day London, Martha returns to her family, one day after having left them. Tish, Martha's sister, works for a Professor Lazarus, who claims he "...will change what it means to be human". The family, plus the Doctor, visit his presentation, in which he uses a manipulator to become younger. But soon, defects appear, and younger isn't the only thing he's becoming...

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s03e07 / 42

19th May '07 - 6:00pm

Location: SS Pentallian
Date: The 42nd century
Enemies: Ashton, Korwin
The Doctor arrives on board SS Pentallian, which is on a collision course with the Sun. Members of the crew are being possessed, and Martha gets stuck in a pod which will be catapulted into the Sun. The Doctor has only minutes to save her and the entire crew...

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s03e08 / Human Nature (1)

26th May '07 - 6:00pm
Human Nature (1)

Location: A boys' boarding school
Date: 1913
Enemies: The Family of Blood, Scarecrow Soldiers
England, 1913. A schoolteacher called John Smith dreams of adventures in time and space.
The Doctor, along with Martha, heads to a boarding school, to hide out from an alien race, but realise that they are needed to save the world once more when unusual events including creepy scarecrows threaten their cover.

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s03e09 / The Family of Blood (2)

2nd Jun '07 - 6:00pm
The Family of Blood (2)

Location: A boys' boarding school
Date: 1913
Enemies: The Family of Blood, Scarecrow Soldiers
With the Doctor still human, only Martha can help. The watch is still missing, and the Family of Blood will do anything to get their hands on a Time Lord...

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s03e10 / Blink

9th Jun '07 - 6:00pm

Location: Hull, London, England
Date: 2007
Enemies: The Weeping Angels
Suggestion is a powerful weapon ...
The Doctor is lost in time and within the walls of an old, abandoned house, a mystery is afoot and the Weeping Angels await...
A young woman called Sally visits a dilapidated house, and is led down a terrifying time-torn path.

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s03e11 / Utopia (1)

16th Jun '07 - 6:00pm
Utopia (1)

Location: Malcassairo
Date: The Year 100 Trillion
Enemies: Futurekind, The Master

After being brought back to life in The Parting of the Ways, Captain Jack Harkness was just left on the Gamestation by the Doctor and Rose. In this episode, Captain Jack Harkness storms back into the Doctor's life, and the TARDIS is thrown to the end of the universe itself.

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s03e12 / The Sound of Drums (2)

23rd Jun '07 - 6:00pm
The Sound of Drums (2)

Location: London
Date: 2008
Enemies: The Master, the Toclafane
Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister, and he faces off with the Doctor.
What are Saxon's dark ambitions?

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s03e13 / Last of the Time Lords (3)

30th Jun '07 - 6:00pm
Last of the Time Lords (3)

Location: Earth, The Valiant
Date: 2008, 2009
Enemies: The Toclafane, The Master
The Series Final. The Earth has been conquered, the Master rules supreme, and the Doctor is his prisoner.
Can Martha Jones save the world?

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