Flirt and Opie Summary

The Wrath of Opie

Suzanne Ohanesian lives with Opie, a Lab mix who is very dog aggressive. When Suzanne tries to restrain him, he will turn and bite her. Cesar explains that dogs need to earn food and affection. Cesar takes Opie for a walk, and has his wife, Illusion, walk by them with one of their dogs. When Opie starts to fixate on the other dog, Cesar touches him at the back of his body to break his attention and refocus on Cesar. He explains that once the attention is refocused, you follow up with eye contact, energy, or body language, which brings about a calm state of mind. Everything looked great, but the next day Opie bit her again, and she became overwhelmed with fear, which made the tantrum worse. Suzanne called Cesar for help. Cesar had her walk Opie; she was visibly distressed. They worked together and by the end of the session, Suzanne was feeling hopeful again.

Psycho Flirt

Flirt is a Chinese Crested who lives with Barbie Orr. Barbie is a comedienne who has been in a Petco commercial with another of her Chinese Cresteds. Flirt is so hyper that Barbie's friends have nicknamed her Psycho. Cesar recommends that Barbie practice relaxation activities for herself and be more disciplined with the dogs. Flirt is picking up on Barbie's exuberant energy, so she needs to learn to be calm with Flirt and to master the walk.

Episode Viewers and Ratings

Season 1 Episode 2 of Dog Whisperer resulted in a 0.00 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

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Dog Whisperer Show Summary

Dog Whisperer follows well-respected animal behaviorist Cesar Millan as he works to help dogs with behavior problems, and their human families. These problems range from excessive barking to behavior, that if not corrected, could leave the owners little choice but to euthanize the dog. Mr. Millan describes his work as "rehabilitating dogs", and training people". Dog owners can learn from him ways to establish a balanced relationship with their dogs that will help to prevent these problems.

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