Percy and Justice Summary

Percy's Peculiarities

Percy is a West Highland White Terrier owned by Diane Engstrom. Percy will not allow anyone to touch his hindquarters, and he absolutely loves to tear up Diane's mail, which comes into the house through a slot in the front door. Cesar bluntly tells her that the problem is her lack of disciplined follow-through with herself and with Percy. Diane questions Cesar regarding possible reasons for Percy's aversion to having his bottom touched. He was checked thoroughly for any physical reason and that was ruled out. Cesar explains that a vaccination or other experience possibly caused him to snap, successfully making the person to back off, teaching Percy that he could control people with that behavior. Cesar then teaches Diane the proper way to walk Percy, making sure that Percy does not lead. For the first part of the walk, the dog needs to walk next to or behind the owner, then later be allowed to sniff and wander. With the usual terrier stubbornness, Percy didn't want to give up shredding the mail, but eventually did learn to sit quietly on lead while the mail drops to the floor.
Serving Justice

Robert and Elaine Bias's American Pit Bull Terrier, Justice, is quite hyper, destructive and potentially dog-aggressive. She also harasses Smokey, Robert and Elaine's other dog, a retriever/Lab mix. Cesar shows them how to channel her energy into positive activities, initially by walking. Justice shuts down-lying down and refusing to walk. Cesar uses food to encourage Justice to walk nicely, but Robert has more trouble with this. Cesar teaches Robert that using tension on the leash while Justice is tense will not work, but using small tugs unlocks the mindset.

Episode Viewers and Ratings

Season 1 Episode 22 of Dog Whisperer resulted in a 0.00 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

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Dog Whisperer Show Summary

Dog Whisperer follows well-respected animal behaviorist Cesar Millan as he works to help dogs with behavior problems, and their human families. These problems range from excessive barking to behavior, that if not corrected, could leave the owners little choice but to euthanize the dog. Mr. Millan describes his work as "rehabilitating dogs", and training people". Dog owners can learn from him ways to establish a balanced relationship with their dogs that will help to prevent these problems.

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