Series 2, Episode 6 Summary

An injured Canadian officer arrives Downton to recuperate and everything ends up becoming unsettles. He ends up sharing his secret with Lady Edith. Robert announces that the ceasefire will start on the 11th November. Isobel wants Downton to continue to help the war's wounded but Cora has other plans.

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Downton Abbey Show Summary

The Crawleys have been the Earls of Grantham since 1772. In the drawing rooms and library and beautiful bedrooms, with their tall windows looking across the park, lives the family, but below stairs are other residents, the servants, as fiercely possessive of their ranks as anyone above.

Some of them are loyal to the family and are committed to Downton as a way of life, others are moving through, on the look out for new opportunities or love or just adventure. The difference being that they know so many of the secrets of the family, while the family knows so few of theirs...

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