S07E10 No Dragon Left Behind Summary

After Stormfly tangles with two poisonous Slitherwings while defending Garff, Astrid must risk her own life to get an ingredient to make an antidote.

Dragons: Riders of Berk Season 7 Episodes...

Dragons: Riders of Berk Show Summary

Picking up where the critically-acclaimed feature film, How to Train Your Dragon, left off, this weekly animated series follows the continuing adventures of Hiccup and his dragon Toothless on the island of Berk, along with the band of dragon trainers, all of whom now have dragons of their own!

Through their training, the kids are finding out the cool things dragons can do. Not only will they learn more about their dragons, they'll also discover new ones and battle against enemies as they explore worlds they never dreamed existed.

**NOTE: Even though Netflix releases all episodes of Dragons on one day, they are portrayed on the TV Calendar as airing one episode a day, for ease of visualisation.

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