The Boone Identity Summary

A fine arts dealer hires Harry because he believes he is being haunted by his 17-year-old daughter. In the process Harry stumbles upon a psychopathic hugger that has found a way to cheat death, using an ancient Egyptian tablet.

When the hugger's soul finds his way into Murphy's body, Harry must step over the line into dark magic, or risk losing her.

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Dresden Files Show Summary

Ever since he was a boy, Harry Dresden, knew that monsters were real, just as he was able to make things happen simply with the force of his will. As he grew he began to learn of his magical heritage, given to him by his mother, and coveted by his Uncle, who would stop at nothing to possess it.

Now that he is grown Harry is the only private investigator / wizard in Chicago and listed in the phone book. He uses real magic to help him solve his cases, much to the chagrin of both the police and the magical establishment, whose shadow wars often spill into the 'real' world and involve people who have no idea just how magical, and dark, the world can be.

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