Season 2

s02e01 / The Most Dangerous Game... Night!

20th Oct '18 - 12:00pm
The Most Dangerous Game... Night!

A game night is anything but relaxing as the family faces shrink rays, a barbaric civilization and an unhealthy level of competitiveness.

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s02e02 / The Depths of Cousin Fethry!

27th Oct '18 - 12:00pm
The Depths of Cousin Fethry!

Huey and Dewey are led on an adventure by their distant Uncle Fethry, who takes them to the depths of Scrooge's deep-sea laboratory.

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s02e03 / The Ballad of Duke Baloney!

3rd Nov '18 - 12:00pm
The Ballad of Duke Baloney!

After his disappearance, Glomgold resurfaces as anything but his ever-scheming self, while Webby and Louie try to uncover the truth behind who is Duke Baloney.

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s02e04 / The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!

10th Nov '18 - 1:00pm
The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!

The family visits a Brazilian town with a dark secret where Donald reunites with his old friends Jose Carioca & Panchito Pistoles, thus reuniting The Three Caballeros.

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s02e05 / Storkules in Duckburg!

17th Nov '18 - 1:00pm
Storkules in Duckburg!

Louie recruits Storkules for his professional monster extermination business, while Storkules faces his greatest challenge: being Donald's roommate.

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s02e06 / Last Christmas!

1st Dec '18 - 1:00pm
Last Christmas!

Scrooge avoids the pressures of the holidays by traveling back in time with a trio of fun-loving ghosts to crash history's greatest Christmas parties; time-lost Dewey teams up with young Donald Duck to find his mother on Christmas.

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s02e07 / What Ever Happened to Della Duck?!

9th Mar '19 - 1:00pm
What Ever Happened to Della Duck?!

Della struggles for survival against dangerous elements of the Moon, as she looks for a way to get back to her family on Earth.

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s02e08 / Treasure of the Found Lamp!

7th May '19 - 12:00pm
Treasure of the Found Lamp!

As the boys track a missing artifact across Duckburg, Scrooge and Webby stall the warrior looking for it with a phony quest.

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s02e09 / The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!

8th May '19 - 12:00pm
The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!

In the old west, Scrooge and Goldie start a band of outlaws and stage a heist to save a small town from a corrupt businessman, John D. Rockerduck.

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s02e10 / The 87 Cent Solution!

9th May '19 - 12:00pm
The 87 Cent Solution!

The kids must stop Scrooge's unhealthy obsession with a few missing coins to keep him from becoming the next Glomgold.

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s02e11 / The Golden Spear!

10th May '19 - 12:00pm
The Golden Spear!

As Della rebuilds her ship, Penumbra becomes convinced Della's planning an attack. Meanwhile, Donald's nap keeps getting interrupted by adventure.

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s02e12 / Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!

13th May '19 - 12:00pm
Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!

Della Duck has faced every danger the moon has to offer to reunite with her family, but her greatest challenge is one she might not be able to fight her way out of.

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s02e13 / Raiders of the Doomsday Vault!

14th May '19 - 12:00pm
Raiders of the Doomsday Vault!

Dewey tries to prove himself by exploring a frozen fortress in search of a money tree seed, but Glomgold has kidnapped Scrooge in order to find it first.

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s02e14 / Friendship Hates Magic!

15th May '19 - 12:00pm
Friendship Hates Magic!

Stuck as a shadow, Lena tries to protect Webby from her suspicious new friend Violet during a supernatural sleepover.

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s02e15 / The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!

16th May '19 - 12:00pm
The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!

With Huey's and Webby's help, Fenton woos a punk-rock scientist, Gandra Dee, only to uncover her dangerous plans for Gizmoduck.

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s02e16 / The Duck Knight Returns!

17th May '19 - 12:00pm
The Duck Knight Returns!

When Launchpad finds out that Scrooge and Dewey intend to make a gritty movie about Darkwing Duck, he decides to track down Darkwing's original actor Jim Starling to stop it.

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