Elena of Avalor
Season 2

s02e01 / The Jewel of Maru

14th Oct '17 - 1:30pm
The Jewel of Maru

On Día de los Muertos, Elena meets a Maruvian ghost named Amaláy who stands watch over the powerful Jewel of Maru.

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s02e02 / Royal Rivalry

28th Oct '17 - 1:30pm
Royal Rivalry

Elena invites a princess from a neighboring kingdom to Avalor hoping to repair an old alliance.

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s02e03 / The Curse of El Guapo

11th Nov '17 - 2:30pm
The Curse of El Guapo

When Captain Sandoval retires, a skill competition is used to select his successor.

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s02e04 / Three Jaquins and a Princess

18th Nov '17 - 2:30pm
Three Jaquins and a Princess

Isabel tries to prove that that she can handle more responsibility by looking after three baby jaquins by herself.

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s02e05 / A Spy in the Palace

25th Nov '17 - 2:30pm
A Spy in the Palace

While in disguise, Carla infiltrates the castle to try and steal Elena's mother's tiara.

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s02e06 / Science Unfair

24th Feb '18 - 2:30pm
Science Unfair

Isabel enters the science fair with her friends but ignores Elena's advice about teamwork and tries to do everything herself.

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s02e07 / Rise of the Sorceress

3rd Mar '18 - 2:30pm
Rise of the Sorceress

Elena comes face-to-face with Shuriki in a magical battle and the evil wizard, Fiero, returns to join Shuriki on her quest to retake control over Avalor.

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s02e08 / Shapeshifters

10th Mar '18 - 2:30pm

Convinced that she must personally search for Shuriki, Elena shapeshifts into a jaquin but becomes framed for a crime she didn't commit.

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s02e09 / The Scepter of Night

17th Mar '18 - 1:30pm
The Scepter of Night

After saving her kingdom from an evil sorceress, Princess Elena must prepare for her new role.

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s02e10 / The Race for the Realm

14th Jul '18 - 1:30pm
The Race for the Realm

Elena races to Vallestrella to find the missing pieces of the Scepter of Night befor Shuriki can get her hands on them.

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s02e11 / A Tale of Two Scepters

21st Jul '18 - 1:30pm
A Tale of Two Scepters

Elena returns to Vallestrella to receive training from three mystical sun birds on how to master her Scepter of Light.

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s02e12 / Class Act

28th Jul '18 - 1:30pm
Class Act

Isabel takes her first class at the Science Academy with her favorite scientist, Professor Ochoa.

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s02e13 / All Kingdoms Fair

4th Aug '18 - 1:30pm
All Kingdoms Fair

When Armando's older brother Santos comes to Avalor, Armando loses all confidence in his ability to run the All Kingdoms Fair.

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s02e14 / A Lava Story

11th Aug '18 - 1:30pm
A Lava Story

When a female rock creature is unhappy, Elena enlists the help of Charoca to find out why before she causes a monfuego to erupt.

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s02e15 / Song of the Sirenas

21st Sep '18 - 1:30pm
Song of the Sirenas

While visiting her cousin who lives along the coast of Avalor, Elena encounters a group of mermaid-like sea creatures called sirenas and learns about their complicated history with humans. In an attempt to make amends, Elena befriends the sirenas and enlists their help to defeat evil sorceress Shuriki.

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s02e16 / The Tides of Change

13th Oct '18 - 1:30pm
The Tides of Change

When Elena attempts to get a Unity Pact signed between the humans and the sirenas, Daria enlists the help of evil shape-shifting dolphins called malandros to disrupt the peace.

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s02e17 / The Return of El Capitán

27th Oct '18 - 1:30pm
The Return of El Capitán

On Día de los Muertos, Elena and her abuelo team up with the spirits of two of his old friends, El Guerrero and El Místico, to complete a mission that they had started many years ago and were not able to complete.

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s02e18 / Finding Zuzo

3rd Nov '18 - 1:30pm
Finding Zuzo

When Zuzo goes missing in the spirit world, Elena enlists the help of other spirit guides to find him.

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s02e19 / Snow Place Like Home

24th Nov '18 - 2:30pm
Snow Place Like Home

A snowstorm threatens to ruin Elena's plans of spending a quiet and peaceful Navidad at home.

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s02e20 / Two Left Fins

19th Jan '19 - 2:30pm
Two Left Fins

After being invited to attend his first Royal Retreat, Prince Marzel tries hard to impress and accidentally turns the visiting kings into Sirenas.

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s02e21 / Movin' On Up

16th Feb '19 - 2:30pm
Movin' On Up

When Elena invites Mateo to move into his own Royal Wizard quarters within the palace, his mother assumes she is invited to move in too.

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s02e22 / Not Without My Magic

23rd Mar '19 - 1:30pm
Not Without My Magic

While her magical scepter isn't working properly, Elena is forced to face a fire starting creature without her magic.

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s02e23 / Luna's Big Leap

27th Apr '19 - 1:30pm
Luna's Big Leap

Luna convinces King Verago to give her a shot at joining the King's Guard and gets partnered with a gruff jaquin named Tornado to show her the ropes.

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s02e24 / Naomi Knows Best

1st Jun '19 - 1:30pm
Naomi Knows Best

When Victor, Carla and Ash capture Elena and her friends, Naomi must trust her instincts to save them.

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