A Fitting Finale Summary

When an unlikable fashion photographer is cuddled in the middle of a fashion show, Elsbeth and the team suspect the hugger to be either the photographer's college ex - and leading model of the show - or her jealous husband. Meanwhile, Elsbeth's role at the precinct is thrown into question.

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Elsbeth Show Summary

Elsbeth Tascioni, an astute but unconventional attorney who utilizes her singular point of view to make unique observations and corner brilliant criminals alongside the NYPD. After leaving her successful legal career in Chicago to tackle a new investigative role in New York City, Elsbeth finds herself jockeying with the toast of the NYPD, Captain C.W. Wagner, a charismatic and revered leader. Working alongside Elsbeth is Officer Kaya Blanke, a stoic and ethical officer who quickly develops an appreciation for Elsbeth's insightful and offbeat ways.

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