Trouble Don't Last Always Summary

On Christmas Eve, following her relapse, an intoxicated Rue sits at a diner with Ali to reflect on her addiction. Rue admits that she willingly relapsed with little hesitation; Ali reminds her that addiction is a disease, and emphasizes the importance of committing to a cause greater than herself. Rue attempts to blame Jules for her relapse, but Ali points out that Rue had been saving the pills she ultimately used, suggesting that she was never serious about staying clean. He also notes that Rue never officially acknowledged her relationship with Jules. Rue eventually admits that she does not forgive herself for her treatment of her family (particularly her mother), and that she is suicidal. Ali argues that drugs fundamentally change a person; he reveals that he grew up with an abusive father for whom he harbored deep hatred, only to become unhappy with his own wife after developing a drug addiction, ultimately estranging his two daughters. Ali tells Rue that a refusal to forgive oneself for one's mistakes is what prevents personal change, and that he has faith in her ability to improve.

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A look at life for a group of high school students as they grapple with issues of drugs, sex and violence.

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