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On Christmas Eve, after being left behind at the train station by Rue, Jules attends her first therapy session. Jules cites Rue as the only person she believes loved her for who she truly was, but admits feeling resentful over the burden of having to preserve Rue's sobriety by being constantly available to her. Flashbacks reveal that Jules' mother was recovering from addiction during the events of season 1, but was hospitalized as the result of a relapse after overhearing Jules admit she cannot forgive her for abandoning her as a child. Jules' therapist observes that Jules' complicated feelings about Rue closely resemble those she has about her own mother. Jules further confides that she is still in love with "Tyler", the fake online persona Nate used to anonymously communicate with her, despite knowing that her conception of their relationship is a fantasy. Jules tells her therapist that she is contemplating going off her hormone replacement therapy due to her evolving notion of her own femininity, which she believes she has only expressed in terms of male desires of womanhood. Upon returning home, Jules receives a surprise visit from Rue, who says she is on her way to meet Ali. Jules tries to apologize to Rue for leaving her, but Rue simply wishes Jules a merry Christmas before abruptly leaving. Jules breaks down crying in her bedroom.

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Euphoria Show Summary

A look at life for a group of high school students as they grapple with issues of drugs, sex and violence.

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