A New World Summary

When the 5 get back to their time, things are changed everywhere. As the Henry tries to fix the machine that transported them in the first place, Dr. Grant is making himself comfortable as he can. Jack is still trying to wrap his mind at the fact that he asked Tess something that she says yes to and the fact that the group's positions changed.

Episode Viewers and Ratings

Season 4 Episode 2 of Eureka resulted in a 0.00 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

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Eureka Show Summary

For years, the government has been secretly relocating the world's geniuses (and their families) to the idyllic Pacific Northwest town of Eureka, where daily life straddles the line between unprecedented innovation and total chaos.

When U.S. Marshal Jack Carter wrecks his car and becomes stranded in Eureka, he quickly realizes that all is not what it seems. After the town's eccentric inhabitants unleash a brainchild with a catastrophic aftermath, Carter steps in to restore order and consequently is let in on one of our country's best-kept secrets.

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