FBI: Most Wanted
Season 2

s02e01 / Rampage

18th Nov '20 - 3:00am

With COVID devastating the country, two gunmen take out their desperation and rage on the elite class they perceive to be oppressing them as the team attempts to track and stop them. Jess' father returns to his son's life and, although he's brought a new girlfriend, he may not be over his old ways.

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s02e02 / Execute

25th Nov '20 - 3:00am

When a hacker triggers a car crash that kills a family of three, the team races to hunt him down as his ransomware demands escalate and his chilling final target becomes apparent.

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s02e03 / Deconflict

9th Dec '20 - 3:00am

After witnessing her husband's hug, a woman is kidnapped from her home along with a mysterious stash of money hidden in her floor. When Jess realizes there may be a connection to one of his past cases, the need to find the kidnapper becomes personal.

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s02e04 / Anonymous

20th Jan '21 - 3:00am

The team searches for a young woman who is heading down a deadly path of vengeance, using ties to an online radical conspiracy organization to further her cause. Also, Barnes must make a life-changing decision, finding it hard to not let the dark side of her job affect her.

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s02e05 / The Line

27th Jan '21 - 3:00am

s02e06 / Dysfunction

10th Feb '21 - 3:00am

s02e07 / Season 2, Episode 7

17th Feb '21 - 3:00am

s02e08 / Season 2, Episode 8

24th Feb '21 - 3:00am
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