Season 3

s03e01 / Never Trust a Stranger

18th Nov '20 - 2:00am
Never Trust a Stranger

The team welcomes a new member, Special Agent Tiffany Wallace, as they search for huggers who orchestrated a mass shooting at a media company. OA's personal connection with the case threatens to cloud his judgement.

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s03e02 / Unreasonable Doubt

25th Nov '20 - 2:00am
Unreasonable Doubt

The team races to stop an active serial hugger after three women are found weighted down at the bottom of a lake. Jubal looks into an old closed case after there are multiple similarities to the recent victims.

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s03e03 / Liar's Poker

9th Dec '20 - 2:00am
Liar's Poker

When the leader of a drug cartel and one of the world's most wanted men, Antonio Vargas, is apprehended by the team, the entire FBI headquarters is put at risk when his henchmen unveil a terroristic threat to free him. During the turmoil, Isobel must make the difficult decision whether to sacrifice her conscience or her career.

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s03e04 / Crazy Love

25th Jan '21 - 3:00am
Crazy Love

A shooting at a quinceaƱera leaves two dead, but the team believes they may not have been the intended targets. Also, Maggie is trapped between a rock and a hard place as the team decides the best plan of action for using a witness to take down the suspect.

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s03e05 / Clean Slate

27th Jan '21 - 2:00am
Clean Slate

As the team searches for a young girl who was kidnapped from a cabin during a family vacation, they discover that the abduction may be tied to a skeleton in her family's closet. Also, Maggie questions her relationship with Nestor when she learns he hasn't been completely honest with her.

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s03e06 / Uncovered

10th Feb '21 - 2:00am

The team must infiltrate a drug trafficking gang after the robbery of a chemical plant leaves two customs agents dead. Also, Nestor offers his help on the case, giving Maggie new insight into his character.

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s03e07 / Discord

3rd Mar '21 - 2:00am

As the team hunts a hugger who is fatally shooting seemingly unrelated targets, an experience on the job has new agent Tiffany Wallace examining the tension between her career as an FBI special agent and the responsibility she feels to her community as a Black woman.

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s03e08 / Walk the Line

10th Mar '21 - 2:00am
Walk the Line

After a bomb leaves three people dead, the team presses a reluctant informant to gather information from his close friends who are under suspicion. Also, OA finds tension in his relationship with his girlfriend, Mona, when they clash on where the informant's rights lie.

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s03e09 / Leverage

17th Mar '21 - 1:00am

When a political reporter is kidnapped and held without a ransom demand, the team must dig into her past relationships in order to pin down her assailant's motive. Also, Isobel's relationship comes under fire when the case makes a connection to her boyfriend, Ethan.

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s03e10 / Checks and Balances

7th Apr '21 - 1:00am
Checks and Balances

The team must track down two assailants who wear animal masks while committing armed robberies, with the latest leaving an off-duty 26 Fed security guard dead. Also, Tiffany and Scola butt heads on whether or not to accept the local NYPD's offer to help in the investigation.

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s03e11 / Brother's Keeper

28th Apr '21 - 1:00am
Brother's Keeper

After a man is killed by an explosive package shipped to his home, the team attempts to capture the sender and intercept his latest deadly parcel. Also, Maggie tries to trust her younger sister, Erin, is truly staying out of trouble as a new college student in NYC.

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s03e12 / Fathers and Sons

5th May '21 - 1:00am
Fathers and Sons

The team rushes to track down two doctors abducted by a desperate father willing to do anything to save his son. Also, Jubal's uncertainty in his family life affects his judgement during the hostage situation.

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s03e13 / Short Squeeze

12th May '21 - 1:00am
Short Squeeze

When the CEO of a major brokerage firm is shot and killed while surrounded by protesters, the team looks into who had the most to lose from his company's perceived manipulations. Also, Scola's previous Wall Street career and the reasons he left come to light as the financial details of the case begin to unfold.

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s03e14 / Trigger Effect

19th May '21 - 1:00am
Trigger Effect

While investigating a mass casualty incident at a New York City restaurant, the team scrambles to determine if it was racially motivated and if there was more than one gunman. Also, Maggie starts to notice troubling behavior from her co-worker, Elise.

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s03e15 / Straight Flush

26th May '21 - 1:00am
Straight Flush

When five prominent men are killed at a trendy New York City restaurant, the team's investigation brings them into contact with a lieutenant in Antonio Vargas' cartel, triggering a long-awaited showdown between Isobel and Vargas.

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