01 /  Sexy Beasts

15th Jan '14 - 2:00am
Sexy Beasts

Season 6 begins with 15 contestants taking on the task of creating beasts to be paired with beauties.


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02 /  Cosmic Conspiracy

22nd Jan '14 - 2:00am
Cosmic Conspiracy

The challenge is to create out-of-this-world alien creatures that are afflicted with interplanetary ailments.


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03 /  Dragon's Breath

29th Jan '14 - 2:00am
Dragon's Breath

: Dragon makeups are created by the 13 remaining artists for the season's first individual "Spotlight Challenge".


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04 /  Guitar Gods

5th Feb '14 - 2:00am
Guitar Gods

The artists work in teams to create rockers who are literally at one with their electric guitars.


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05 /  In The Shadows

12th Feb '14 - 2:00am
In The Shadows

For the solo showcase challenge, the contestants create monsters based on silhouettes given to them by the producers.


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06 /  Cryptic Creatures

19th Feb '14 - 2:00am
Cryptic Creatures

The artists take inspiration from a swamp when making cryptids.


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07 /  Open Sesame

26th Feb '14 - 2:00am
Open Sesame

The remaining contestants have to create a wizard inspired look with wands on hand to provide further inspiration.


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08 /  Ego Trip Abroad

5th Mar '14 - 2:00am
Ego Trip Abroad

A trip to Tokyo is followed by two extreme challenges inspired by the ancient culture of Japan.


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09 /  Mad Science

12th Mar '14 - 1:00am
Mad Science

Human guinea pigs are created by the artists, who are given bizarre medical devices to inspire their makeups.


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10 /  What a Dahl

19th Mar '14 - 1:00am
What a Dahl

The artists create never-before-seen characters based on books by children's author Roald Dahl.


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11 /  Freaks of Nature

26th Mar '14 - 1:00am
Freaks of Nature

The artists must create original mutants.


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12 /  Industrial Revolution

2nd Apr '14 - 1:00am
Industrial Revolution

Los Angeles Union Station inspires the artists before they create futuristic robots tailored to specific professions.


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13 /  Bloodsuckers

9th Apr '14 - 1:00am

Legendary vampires from around the world are brought to life by the four remaining artists vying for a spot in the finale.


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14 /  Cry Wolf

16th Apr '14 - 1:00am
Cry Wolf

The four remaining contestants are challenged to create werewolf rival characters to go up against the vampire characters they have already created.


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15 /  Heavenly Bodies

23rd Apr '14 - 1:00am
Heavenly Bodies

The remaining contestants have to create two dancing aliens who are able to perform without breaking.


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