Fairy Tail
Season 5

s05e01 / King of the Dragons

5th Apr '14 - 7:00am
King of the Dragons

Fairy Tail is back, picking up where it left off, in the middle of the Grand Magic Games! But during a short break, Gajeel leads Natsu and Wendy to the underground dragon burial ground. Wendy uses her magic to communicate with a dragon's soul, which leads to them getting a revelatory history lesson involving two of their greatest foes!

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s05e02 / The Eclipse Project

12th Apr '14 - 7:00am
The Eclipse Project

In the dragon graveyard, Arcadios explains to Fairy Tail what he needs from them to make Project Eclipse work. He takes them to the king's palace, Mercurius, and shows them Eclipse, the actual portal designed to take a party back in time to hug Zeref! But not everyone in the kingdom is on board with changing history...

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s05e03 / Fairy Tactician

19th Apr '14 - 7:00am
Fairy Tactician

While everyone is focused on the last event at the Grand Magic Games, Team Natsu slips into the palace to try to spring the imprisoned Lucy. Meanwhile, Mavis, the progenitor of Fairy Tail, uses wartime strategy in a bid to lead her team to victory!

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s05e04 / Gray vs. Rufus

26th Apr '14 - 7:00am
Gray vs. Rufus

During the final event of the Grand Magic Games, Gray is tasked with beating Rufus, which is the key to Sabertooth's fall. But it seems to be a one-sided battle as Rufus uses his Memory Magic to make new magic, as well as causing Gray to forget his own!

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s05e05 / The Hungry Wolf Knights

3rd May '14 - 7:00am
The Hungry Wolf Knights

Sabertooth has a new master! And Fairy Tail may be on top of the Grand Magic Games, but below the palace, Natsu and the others are still trapped in Palace Hell. And then things get worse when the hunters become the hunted... by the Garou Knights!

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s05e06 / Fairy Tail vs. Executioners

10th May '14 - 7:00am
Fairy Tail vs. Executioners

Though their appearances may be foolish, the Garou Knights are the strongest executioners in the kingdom! And now, the members of Fairy Tail's "away team" are separated from each other and forced into one-on-one combat against the knights.

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s05e07 / Scorching Earth

17th May '14 - 7:00am
Scorching Earth

When Lucy and Yukino get their Celestial Spirit keys back, they summon various old comrades to combat the goofy-looking but powerful Uosuke, master of natural disasters!

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s05e08 / Our Place

24th May '14 - 7:00am
Our Place

It's the last round of the all-out battle between the members of the Fairy Tail rescue team and the Garou Knights! But if Natsu, Lucy, and the others triumph, will they become enemies of the state?!

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s05e09 / The Kingdom 'til Tomorrow

31st May '14 - 7:00am
The Kingdom 'til Tomorrow

The Lucy rescue team led by Natsu finally makes it out of Hell Palace after an epic battle with the Garou Knights... but they're stopped dead in their tracks by a single mysterious figure before them!

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s05e10 / Erza vs. Kagura

7th Jun '14 - 7:00am
Erza vs. Kagura

Natsu's "away team" has successfully rescued Lucy and Yukino, but now they're puzzling over the mystery of the two Lucys! And back in Crocus, Erza's battle against Kagura truly begins, a battle steeped in vengeance more than sport!

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s05e11 / A Future Racing Toward Despair

14th Jun '14 - 7:00am
A Future Racing Toward Despair

Erza's battle royale with Kagura finally ends in an unexpected way. Also, we learn of the untold connection between the two combatants. And will Natsu and his team ever escape from the palace with Lucy and future Lucy?!

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s05e12 / Frog

21st Jun '14 - 7:00am

Future Lucy warns of an impending attack by a swarm of over 10,000 dragons, but does she have a solution? And is she even telling the truth? Jellal, for one, doesn't think so!

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s05e13 / Roaring Thunder!

28th Jun '14 - 7:00am
Roaring Thunder!

The end of the Grand Magic Games is near, and only the strongest wizards remain in the final battle. But Gajeel has become a new form to battle an unknown shadowy evil! With her wounded leg, Erza can barely fight against the deadly Minerva! And Laxus is up against possibly the most powerful wizard of all: Jura of the Ten Wizard Saints!

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s05e14 / Gloria

5th Jul '14 - 7:00am

The Grand Magic Games are ending at last! But who will be the last wizard standing? And which guild will be crowned the strongest in Fiore?

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s05e15 / The One Who Closes the Gate

12th Jul '14 - 7:00am
The One Who Closes the Gate

Lucy wasn't the only time traveler from the future. There's one more... and it's the person who possessed Rogue in his match with Gajeel. But is his motive the same as Lucy's or something more sinister?

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s05e16 / Natsu vs. Rogue

19th Jul '14 - 7:00am
Natsu vs. Rogue

Natsu takes on the future Rogue by himself so Lucy can get away, but the future version is a lot more powerful than the present one and possibly evil! Meanwhile, Princess Hisui slowly opens the gigantic Eclipse portal to harness its incredible amount of magic power against the invading swarm of 10,000 dragons. Except... the dragons they've been warned about from future Lucy and future Rogue are nowhere to be found...

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s05e17 / For Me, Too

26th Jul '14 - 7:00am
For Me, Too

The true menace of the opened Eclipse portal becomes clear as one dragon after another lumbers through, intent on murdering everyone. Only a Celestial Spirit wizard can close the portal, but will Lucy be able to do it before all 10,000 dragons enter the world from 400 years in the past?!

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s05e18 / Seven Dragons

2nd Aug '14 - 7:00am
Seven Dragons

Seven dragons have invaded Crocus from the ancient past and are tearing up the city. It seems the only thing that can defeat a dragon is a Dragon Slayer, but there are only six in town (including Natsu, Rogue, Sting, etc.), so Doranbolt goes on a mission to enlist the aid of a certain nefarious Slayer...

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s05e19 / Zirconis' Magic

9th Aug '14 - 7:00am
Zirconis' Magic

Seven dragons came through the Eclipse portal before it was closed... but now one of them drops dozens of eggs that hatch immediately! Plus: Sabertooth turns a new leaf! Cobra fights on the side of good?! And Zirconis uses magic to make clothes disappear, which proves to be particularly embarrassing for Lucy!

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s05e20 / People and People, Dragons and Dragons, People and Dragons

16th Aug '14 - 7:00am
People and People, Dragons and Dragons, People and Dragons

The battle rages on between dragons and Dragon Slayers with the future at stake! Natsu carries out his audacious plan against a powerful Fire Dragon... a dragon that happens to have a connection with Igneel, Natsu's adoptive father!

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s05e21 / Sin and Sacrifice

23rd Aug '14 - 7:00am
Sin and Sacrifice

Jellal and Erza are saved from Millianna's wrath when Ultear comes to their aid, explaining to the woman that she is the evil behind the Tower of Heaven incident. With the Mages of Fiore struggling against the attacking Dragons and hatchlings and neither Natsu nor Future Rogue gaining an advantage in their fight, many people begin to feel doubtful about surviving the war. Concurrently, Gray falls to one of Motherglare's minions protecting Juvia, and Ultear decides she no longer deserves to live after the darkness she has brought to those around her.

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s05e22 / Time of Life

30th Aug '14 - 7:00am
Time of Life

As several wizards across Crocus are cornered and killed by the dragons, Ultear recalls her forbidden Last Ages spell, which is capable of reversing time at the cost of the user's life. After deciding to atone for for her lifelong misdeeds, she casts the spell in an attempt to avoid the dragons' arrival in the present. Afterward, she discovers that only one minute has been reversed and collapses. As a result of her spell, however, the wizards are able to foresee and prevent their own deaths, including Gray's. Lucy reunites with her friends at Eclipse and reveals that, according to her future self's notebook, they can return Future Rogue and the dragons to their respective time periods by destroying Eclipse once and for all.

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s05e23 / Fields of Gold

6th Sep '14 - 7:00am
Fields of Gold

The only way to stop the rogue Rogue from the future and the seven dragons from the past is to destroy the gigantic time portal that they came through... except it's made out of Magnanium alloy, which is highly resistant to magic! Then, the future Lucy is dead, but long live future Lucy?! What lies in wait when her body dematerializes from the present?

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s05e24 / The Grand Banquet

13th Sep '14 - 7:00am
The Grand Banquet

The king is holding a ball at the palace to honor the wizards of Fiore for their valor during the Grand Magic Games and their great efforts to protect the kingdom from Future Rogue and the seven dragons. Everyone is having a good time except for the nagging feeling that something is wrong when Natsu doesn't show up. Later, Princess Hisui is forced to take responsibility for her part in the peril that beset the kingdom.

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s05e25 / Droplets of Time

20th Sep '14 - 7:00am
Droplets of Time

As Jellal and Merdy search the ruins for Ultear, they run into Doranbolt, who tells them of a serious spell he cast in order to protect the royal family. Meanwhile, the members of Fairy Tail are on their way home when Gray spots an elderly woman who seems heartbreakingly familiar...

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s05e26 / A Gift

27th Sep '14 - 7:00am
A Gift

Upon returning to Magnolia, Fairy Tail gets a heroes' welcome and their old headquarters back. Anxious to get back on the job, Natsu, Lucy and company take on what they assume to be the simple task of ridding a village of its mole problem. They assume the village is making a mountain out of a molehill, but...

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s05e27 / Welcome Back, Frosch

4th Oct '14 - 7:00am
Welcome Back, Frosch

A special one-off episode featuring Frosch! When Rogue's lovable little partner gets lost in town, Rogue, Sting, and Yukino find him, but hang back so he can return to the Sabertooth guild hall alone. Misadventures ensue as Frosch keeps meeting up with various guild members and encounters a group of larcenous frog traders!

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s05e28 / Moulin Rouge

11th Oct '14 - 7:00am
Moulin Rouge

A newly-installed pool table at the Fairy Tail guild hall has Erza reminiscing about the first time she shot pool... which was also the first time she came across a certain bandit, the quickest draw on the continent.

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s05e29 / Full Effort Hospitality!

18th Oct '14 - 7:00am
Full Effort Hospitality!

Lucy wants to show her Celestial Spirits that she appreciates all their hard work, so she summons them one by one to make their wishes come true. Natsu and Happy are on hand to help out, but as often happens with the unpredictable, unstable Celestial Spirits, chaos ensues!

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s05e30 / Signal of Rebellion

25th Oct '14 - 7:00am
Signal of Rebellion

The world is racked with abnormal weather and natural disasters, conditions that keep all the Fairy Tail wizards busy. Natsu and Lucy take on a job to investigate major changes in celestial bodies, only to find it's a set-up. When they're attacked by a giant sea slug, none of Lucy's regular Celestial Spirits answer her calls for help. But as if to answer this mystery, Virgo appears, although her appearance and attitude are way off the mark. In fact, it seems that what Virgo wants most is to punish Lucy!

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s05e31 / Library Panic

1st Nov '14 - 7:00am
Library Panic

Lucy's transformed, evil Celestial Spirits aim to perform a ritual that will give them "absolute freedom". As Lucy, Yukino, and Levy head to the Magic Library to find a clue to stop them, Natsu takes the fight to the Celestial Spirit World itself, and he encounters the more polite but deadly Taurus!

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s05e32 / Hisui Rises!

8th Nov '14 - 7:00am
Hisui Rises!

Princess Hisui and Arcadios are on their way to Fairy Tail when they fortuitously run into Natsu, Lucy, and Yukino. Princess Hisui has created something to send the wayward Celestial Spirits home by force, but the mother and son duo of Pisces appears to snatch it. And, like the other Celestial Spirits, this is a new, darker version of their previous selves. For example, the mother Pisces now has much bigger jaws...

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s05e33 / Astral Spiritus

15th Nov '14 - 7:00am
Astral Spiritus

The Fairy Tail cavalry arrives in Astral Spirytus to help Natsu and the gang try to stop the renegade Celestial Spirits from gaining perfect freedom at the cost of only having 12 days left to live. However, when the Spirits enter their respective gates, the Fairy Tail members split up to follow them for one last fight in the space between the Human World and Celestial Spirit World.

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s05e34 / Wendy vs. Aquarius - Let's Have Fun in the Amusement Park!

22nd Nov '14 - 7:00am
Wendy vs. Aquarius - Let's Have Fun in the Amusement Park!

The new version of Aquarius is a light-hearted girl who just wants to have fun, but that consists of wanton destruction with her water power. Wendy and Carla try to gently subdue her at some kind of pocket universe amusement park, a dubious prospect at best.

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s05e35 / Guild Deck vs. Celestial Deck

29th Nov '14 - 7:00am
Guild Deck vs. Celestial Deck

Cana faces off against the new Scorpio in a card game battle that pits simulacra of Fairy Tail members against Celestial Spirits! But she doesn't know the rules of the game, and if she loses, Cana will become a card in Scorpio's deck!

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s05e36 / Gray vs. Cancer! Dance Battle!

6th Dec '14 - 7:00am
Gray vs. Cancer! Dance Battle!

Gray has a dance-off with Cancer! Levy's trivia battle with Capricorn continues. Cana's card game with Scorpio concludes! Natsu is on the scent of a hidden Loke amid ancient ruins. And a new development involves Princess Hisui and Arcadios in the action.

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s05e37 / Juvia vs. Aries! Desert Death Match!

13th Dec '14 - 7:00am
Juvia vs. Aries! Desert Death Match!

How can Juvia fight the new sun-worshiping Aries in the desert without even a drop of water?! Will Levy reveal an embarrassing secret to win the quiz battle against Taurus? And who is the 13th Celestial Spirit that plagues Natsu and company?!

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s05e38 / Erza vs. Sagittarius! Horseback Showdown!

20th Dec '14 - 7:00am
Erza vs. Sagittarius! Horseback Showdown!

Erza faces off against Sagittarius in three equine-related events. Gemi and Mini turn Gajeel and Tiger Lily into small furry pets. And Ophiuchus reveals her true form to Natsu and his team!

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s05e39 / Natsu vs. Leo

27th Dec '14 - 7:00am
Natsu vs. Leo

Natsu begins a decisive battle against Leo, who now has the ability to suck all the flames out of his hot-tempered opponent! Meanwhile, the Liberum process continues, even though most of the Celestial Spirits have been defeated...

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s05e40 / Ophiuchus, the Snake Charmer

10th Jan '15 - 7:00am
Ophiuchus, the Snake Charmer

Though sick from the Dark Magic he imbibed, Natsu makes a desperate bid to save Lucy and Yukino from Ophiuchus's artificial worlds. And the giant snake Celestial Spirit reveals the true nature of her plan as well as the identity of her master

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s05e41 / When the Stars Fall

17th Jan '15 - 7:00am
When the Stars Fall

The two Fairy Tail groups go on attack mode, trying to destroy the celestial globe and Ophiuchus simultaneously, the only way to stop the mad Celestial Spirit King from gaining ultimate power. Of course, that's much easier said than done...

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s05e42 / Celestial Spirit Beast

24th Jan '15 - 7:00am
Celestial Spirit Beast

Natsu and his fellow Fairy Tail members come face to face with the eclipsed Celestial Spirit King... except the king is now more like a giant fiend without a face! Or more like he's got a giant vacuum cleaner tube for a face, which he uses to suck up his own planet, the captive Celestial Spirits, and if they're not careful, the Fairy Tail Wizards!

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s05e43 / Believe

31st Jan '15 - 7:00am

The end of an arc! At the Celestial Spirit Beast's core, Natsu and Happy discover the original Celestial Spirit King, chained up and heading for imminent destruction. Meanwhile, the other Fairy Tail members are on the outside, trying to destroy the creature even as it gets stronger.No matter what they have done it

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s05e44 / What a Pure Heart Weaves

7th Feb '15 - 7:00am
What a Pure Heart Weaves

Natsu babysits Asuka for an eventful day. For starters, she goes with Natsu and Lucy out on several jobs to make money so she can buy a certain item... but then it gets stolen by a pack of nefarious sky pirates who've been plaguing the town lately.

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s05e45 / 413 Days

14th Feb '15 - 7:00am
413 Days

Juvia has known Gray for 413 days; hence, it's a time to celebrate their "anniversary". But when Erza encourages her to get Gray a present, it becomes a conundrum. Juvia takes several stabs at coming up with an appropriate gift, but will it please Gray on this day that has a special meaning for him?

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s05e46 / The Labyrinth of White

21st Feb '15 - 7:00am
The Labyrinth of White

Natsu, Lucy, and Happy are on a seemingly simple job to retrieve a special kind of ice from a snow-covered mountain, but between freezing cold, a fierce blizzard, and a labyrinthine cave, their focus shifts to just staying alive!

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s05e47 / Transform!

28th Feb '15 - 7:00am

While Mira teaches Lucy, Natsu, and Happy basic Transformation Magic, Erza does her own transformation while shopping... into Fairy Woman! And a superhero may be just what's needed when two other Fairy Tail members are turned into supervillains!

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s05e48 / It's Kemo-Kemo!

7th Mar '15 - 7:00am
It's Kemo-Kemo!

Natsu and Happy get a new addition to their family: Kemokemo, an unknown creature hatched from an egg that fell out of the sky. Natsu goes on a guild exchange program so he can ask all over Fiore about Kemokemo, but he, Gray, and Erza cause trouble at every guild on the trip.

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s05e49 / The Place You Came To

14th Mar '15 - 7:00am
The Place You Came To

As the combined Fairy Tail and Sabertooth team explore the mysterious island, the members suddenly start dropping like flies. Meanwhile, there's a giant sea serpent to face, runes in ruins to decipher, and Kemokemo won't stop growing!

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s05e50 / Lightning Man

21st Mar '15 - 7:00am
Lightning Man

The town of Borwatt has a job for Laxus in particular: to solve their neverending lightning problem... except it seems Laxus himself is responsible for the dangerous phenomenon. Can he and his Raijin-shuu partners fix things before the town's mayor smears them and all of Fairy Tail?

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