Falling Water
Season 1

s01e01 / Don't Tell Bill

14th Oct '16 - 2:00am
Don't Tell Bill

Three unrelated people slowly realize that they are dreaming separate parts of a common dream.

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s01e02 / Calling the Vasty Deep

21st Oct '16 - 2:00am
Calling the Vasty Deep

Burton must face the idea that The Woman in Red may only exist his dreams; Tess starts to learn how to navigate into other people's dreams; Taka connects the group suicide to unexpected sources.

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s01e03 / Monsters, Most Familiar

28th Oct '16 - 2:00am
Monsters, Most Familiar

Taka investigates the cult; Burton goes on a business trip and meets a mysterious CEO; Tess endures an unpleasant trip to her mother's house and discovers difficult information.

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s01e04 / Castles Made of Sand

4th Nov '16 - 2:00am
Castles Made of Sand

Burton's facade begins to crumble; Taka and Sabine find an unexpected intimacy; Tess seeks solace with a dying ex-lover.

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s01e05 / Ambergris

11th Nov '16 - 3:00am

Tess quits the experiments and learns more about her mother's secrets; Burton rejects sleep; Taka is torn.

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s01e06 / The Swirl

18th Nov '16 - 3:00am
The Swirl

Tess trespasses in her mother's dreams; Ann-Marie Bowen tries to recruit Taka; Burton discovers new secrets.

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s01e07 / Three Half Blind Mice

2nd Dec '16 - 3:00am
Three Half Blind Mice

Taka and Tess are brought together by a blackout; Burton finds evidence that the Woman in Red exists in reality.

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s01e08 / The Well

9th Dec '16 - 3:00am
The Well

Burton trails the Woman in Red; Taka loses his footing with Sabine; Tess and BIll follow a lead on the Boy.

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s01e09 / No Task for the Timid

16th Dec '16 - 3:00am
No Task for the Timid

Taka, Tess and Burton converge on the Boy, but they pay a heavy price to get there.

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s01e10 / Circular Time

23rd Dec '16 - 3:00am
Circular Time

Surrounded by enemies, Tess tries to protect the Boy; Taka tries to appease the Green; Burton tries to heal the Woman in Red.

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