01 /  Dat Car

12th Mar '18 - 8:00pm
Dat Car

Richard and the Monkeys partner up with SEMA Battle of the Builders finalist Big Mike to build Gas Monkey's first ever import tuner, a '75 Datsun 280Z.


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02 /  Tune It Up

19th Mar '18 - 8:00pm
Tune It Up

As the Monkeys and guest builder Big Mike race to get their '75 Datsun 280Z ready, a missing part may stop Richard from debuting Gas Monkeys first-ever tuner car at SEMA.


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03 /  Shining Up a '59 F-100

26th Mar '18 - 8:00pm
Shining Up a '59 F-100

When a big-name client wants Gas Monkey to build them a promotional vehicle on spec, Richard bets they'll take a shine to a custom '59 Ford F-100.


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04 /  Monkeying Around

2nd Apr '18 - 8:00pm
Monkeying Around

Richard and the Monkeys mess around at Gas Monkey Garage, checking out builds like the 4x4 Camaro and the Firebirds #1 and #2.


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05 /  Shiny and New

9th Apr '18 - 8:00pm
Shiny and New

Richard gambles on completing a '59 Ford F-100 build for Shiner Beer to the tune of 0,000 only if they like the result. Will it pay off for him?.


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06 /  Trouble in the Galaxie

16th Apr '18 - 8:00pm
Trouble in the Galaxie

Plans are set for a straight-forward upgrade on a '62 Ford Galaxie by Richard. However those plans fly out the window when the Monkeys find the worst body panel they have seen return from sandblasting.


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07 /  Richard's Guide to the Galaxies

22nd Apr '18 - 8:00pm
Richard's Guide to the Galaxies

The Monkeys make a series of bad decisions on the '62 Galaxie which could jeopardise Richard's plan to take the car to auction.


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08 /  The Bass is Back

29th Apr '18 - 8:00pm
The Bass is Back

Builder Brian Bass is back and rejoins the Gas Monkey crew as Richard plans to build the iconic '92 Chevy 3500 Dually known as the "Krew Kut" in time to reveal the pickup at the Lone Star Throwdown.


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09 /  The Cutting Krew

7th May '18 - 8:00pm
The Cutting Krew

Richard's plan to reveal the Krew Kut Dually at the Lone Star Throwdown hits a snag when rain forces him to come up with a new plan to re-introduce it to its fans.


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10 /  Back Of The Track

14th May '18 - 8:00pm
Back Of The Track

Coming Soon...


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