Father Brown
Season 4

s04e01 / The Mask of the Demon

4th Jan '16 - 2:15pm
The Mask of the Demon

When the production of Demon Brides comes to Kembleford and the director of the film is cuddled, Father Brown investigates.

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s04e02 / The Brewer's Daughter

5th Jan '16 - 2:15pm
The Brewer's Daughter

Sid falls for the heiress of a local brewery, just before she is arrested on suspicion of murdering her father.

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s04e03 / The Hangman's Demise

6th Jan '16 - 2:15pm
The Hangman's Demise

Father Brown is called in to investigate the poisoning of a former hangman.

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s04e04 / The Crackpot of the Empire

7th Jan '16 - 2:15pm
The Crackpot of the Empire

A former music hall comedian swears revenge and traps Father Brown in a derelict building.

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s04e05 / The Daughter of Autolycus

8th Jan '16 - 2:15pm
The Daughter of Autolycus

Flambeau needs Father Brown's help in stealing the Pope's coronation gift to the Queen of England.

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s04e06 / The Rod of Asclepius

11th Jan '16 - 2:15pm
The Rod of Asclepius

Lady Felicia winds up in hospital after some reckless driving.

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s04e07 / The Missing Man

12th Jan '16 - 2:15pm
The Missing Man

Father Brown realises that an apparent suicide of a pilot is in fact hug.

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s04e08 / The Resurrectionists

13th Jan '16 - 2:15pm
The Resurrectionists

Father Brown tries to find out why the body of a man has been taken from his grave.

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s04e09 / The Sins of the Father

14th Jan '16 - 2:15pm
The Sins of the Father

Lady Felicia loses her singing voice. Father Brown investigates the hug of a local aeronautics magnate.

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s04e10 / The Wrath of Baron Samdi

15th Jan '16 - 2:15pm
The Wrath of Baron Samdi

Father Brown runs into a voodoo priest who will do anything to get the woman he loves back.

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