Fifth Gear
Season 9

s09e01 / Series 9, Episode 1

10th Apr '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 1

Jason Plato helps a lottery winner choose his dream car with a series of test drives, and Tiff Needell takes the Jaguar XK for a spin in South Africa. Tom Ford reports from the Geneva Motorshow, where he meets Jenson Button, while Vicki Butler-Henderson compares the merits of rally car the Subaru Impreza and the Forester estate on Anglesey.

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s09e02 / Series 9, Episode 2

17th Apr '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 2

Tiff Needell and Jason Plato get behind the wheel of Fifties Le Mans racing cars. Tom Ford puts Audi's new off-roader the Q7 through its paces by attempting to evade the law, and Jon Bentley oversees a crash test involving a Landrover Discovery and a Renault Espace. Plus, Paul Dalton discovers why motorists are queuing up to buy vehicle wax costing ?5,000.

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s09e03 / Series 9, Episode 3

24th Apr '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 3

Vicki Butler-Henderson test-drives the new Ferrari F430 Challenge, Jason Plato heads to the Alps to take a top-of-the-range BMW for a spin and Tiff Needell tries to control a Ford Focus ST and Vauxhall Astra VXR with one hand tied behind his back. A doctor, tour guide and train engineer compete in a range of extreme sports to find Britain's best adventure racer.

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s09e04 / Series 9, Episode 4

1st May '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 4

Tiff Needell and Jason Plato compete to find the best super-saloon, pitting the Audi RS4 against the BMW M3 CS. Jon Bentley investigates a fuel-saving scheme, and Vicki Butler-Henderson test-drives the Alfa Romeo Brera, while Tom Ford visits an American club for millionaire supercar enthusiasts.

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s09e05 / Series 9, Episode 5

8th May '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 5

The team scour the market for the best budget car and meet the man who is giving away a Ferrari in a bid to sell his house. Jason Plato takes the new Audi S6 with its Lamborghini engine onto the German motorways and tries to notch up its top speed of 155mph, while Tiff Needell travels to South Africa, where the legendary Ford GT40 is currently experiencing a revolution.

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s09e06 / Series 9, Episode 6

15th May '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 6

Jason Plato takes Girls Aloud for a spin on the racetrack, before allowing them to battle it out in time trials. However, a crash in the car park brings proceedings to an unexpected climax. Tiff Needell test drives the Maserati Quattroporte in Italy, while Tom Ford helps out in a new record attempt for 360-degree `doughnut' spins - but ends up getting his foot run over.

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s09e07 / Series 9, Episode 7

22nd May '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 7

Tiff Needell test-drives the latest Corvette, and Vicki Butler-Henderson goes undercover to sneak a look at the new Aston Martin, soon to be seen in the next James Bond film. Tom Ford visits Japan to examine a groundbreaking Japanese car that runs on hydrogen, while lawyer Nick Freeman, who specialises in celebrity speeding cases, discusses his work.

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s09e08 / Series 9, Episode 8

29th May '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 8

Vicki Butler-Henderson discovers how much punishment a Mercedes can take by crashing it, flooding and driving over it with a monster truck. Tom Ford stops at a Japanese service station hosting an unofficial all-night car party. Plus, a lawyer who specialises in getting celebrities off speeding charges.

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s09e09 / Series 9, Episode 9

5th Jun '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 9

Vicki Butler-Henderson is joined by aspiring racing driver Paul O'Neill to test whether petrol or diesel vehicles are quicker, while Jon Bentley discovers what happens when drivers put the wrong fuel in their cars. Tiff Needell pits the Aston Martin DBR9 against rival supercars, and Jason Plato test-drives Lexus' first high-performance hybrid.

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s09e10 / Series 9, Episode 10

3rd Jul '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 10

Tom Ford visits the world's biggest car dealership in Tokyo, and helps Tiff Needell test-drive the Citroen C6 under a hail of gunfire. Carl Barat and Anthony Rossomando from Dirty Pretty Things offer their thoughts on the Radford Mini, and Jason Plato takes the Honda Legend for a spin, while Vicki Butler-Henderson enters a rallycross series.

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s09e11 / Series 9, Episode 11

10th Jul '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 11

Tom Ford tries out the Audi TT and Jason Plato puts his driving skills to the test on Britain's bendiest road. Vicki Butler-Henderson takes Ford's seven-seater MPV for a spin and attempts to get into the record books with a group of pensioners, while Tiff Needell and Dakar racer Simon Pavey attempt to find out which is faster off-road - a 4x4 or a motorbike.

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s09e12 / Series 9, Episode 12

17th Jul '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 12

Jason Plato test drives the new Porsche 911 - on which he's already put down a deposit. Vicki Butler-Henderson investigates the dangers of worn tyres, and Jon Bentley tries out a ?5,500 car stereo. Tom Ford rides the world's most expensive quad bike, while Mitsubishi and Nissan pick-ups are pitted against each other in an off-road challenge.

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s09e13 / Series 9, Episode 13

24th Jul '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 13

Tom Ford takes the new Ferrari 599 for a spin in the Alps to test its long-distance cruising abilities, while Tiff Needell compares two of his favourite supercars - the McLaren FG1 and Enzo Ferrari. Jason Plato gets a lesson in aerobatics from stunt pilot Will Curtis, and Jon Bentley examines a new safety device for motorcyclists.

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s09e14 / Series 9, Episode 14

31st Jul '06 - 7:30pm
Series 9, Episode 14

Coming Soon...

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