Five Bedrooms
Season 3

s03e01 / Zero Logic

1st Jan '22 - 12:00pm
Zero Logic

With the entire house depending on him, Ben launches himself as a BnB accommodation provider. He's feeling the pressure, but he's rising like a boss, till his teen daughter crash lands at the house.

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s03e02 / Three Teams

2nd Jan '22 - 12:00pm
Three Teams

When Liz returns from her UK studies, Harry is reminded that while everyone around him has new opportunities or relationships to speak of, he's somehow found himself... at a complete standstill.

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s03e03 / Nine Carats

3rd Jan '22 - 12:00pm
Nine Carats

With her major exam looming, and rumours that a marriage proposal might be brewing... Heather's world is blown apart when she learns of Ben's betrayal.

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s03e04 / One Kiss

4th Jan '22 - 12:00pm
One Kiss

Following her UK success, Liz is being wooed by the creme-de-la-creme of law firms, including the former boss, who brutally fired her. He now wants to hold a soiree in her honour to offer her partner.

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s03e05 / Four Memories

5th Jan '22 - 12:00pm
Four Memories

Ainsley finds herself in a committed relationship for the first time. It's everything she's ever dreamed of, but grows suspicious that Simmo might propose and worries that things are moving too fast.

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s03e06 / Three Dates

6th Jan '22 - 12:00pm
Three Dates

Heather's in a funk, hitting peak mediocrity, just tolerating Ben. Desperate for a circuit breaker, she accidentally sets Ainsley and Harry on a mission to get her back on the dating scene.

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s03e07 / Two Parties

7th Jan '22 - 12:00pm
Two Parties

Harry finds himself charged with organizing Ainsley's questionably-themed 'white-party' Hens, and Simmo's 'fire-on-the-land' Bucks.

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s03e08 / Two Words

8th Jan '22 - 12:00pm
Two Words

It's Ainsley and Simmo's wedding day, Ben is determined to be there for his best mate Simmo and the love of his life, Heather. Over the course of the day, truth bombs will detonate.

87 have watched this episode
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