Flatbush Misdemeanors
Season 2

s02e01 / return

20th Jun '22 - 2:30am

Dan seeks to clear his reputation so he can be reinstated as a teacher - but Kevin has left town and is ignoring his calls. Drew, still in hiding from the police, struggles to get Zayna back in school.

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s02e02 / obiageli

27th Jun '22 - 2:30am

Kevin returns to his childhood home until the trouble in Flatbush dies down.

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s02e03 / and to think i saw it on snyder ave

4th Jul '22 - 2:30am
and to think i saw it on snyder ave

Drew gets frustrated as Zayna continues to flex her independence. Kevin returns to Flatbush to start his art fellowship. Dan gets acquainted with his NA group, then has a run-in with Drew that leads to unexpected consequences.

s02e04 / switzerland

11th Jul '22 - 2:30am

Zayna discovers the downside of living on her own and the responsibility that comes with it. Kevin and Dan's professional lives are put on hold when they attend a funeral of an old friend.

s02e05 / boomerang

18th Jul '22 - 2:30am

Dan finally feels comfortable in NA, connecting with Sydney - until a surprise turns Dan's safe space upside-down. Kevin struggles to navigate the politics of his art fellowship. Drew's release from jail comes at a high price.

s02e06 / sandcastles

25th Jul '22 - 2:30am

Kevin is forced to confront Drew for the first time since returning to Flatbush. Zayna fears she may be losing her new boyfriend, Desmond. Dan and Sydney flirt with breaking the unwritten rule of NA.

s02e07 / scorpions and frogs

1st Aug '22 - 2:30am
scorpions and frogs

Drew and Zayna try to repair their relationship after visiting her dad in jail. Kevin and Dan find themselves entangled in the mess that is Kareem and Maria's love life. Dan wrestles over whether to finally share his secret to Kevin.

s02e08 / Season 2, Episode 8

8th Aug '22 - 2:30am

s02e09 / Season 2, Episode 9

15th Aug '22 - 2:30am

s02e10 / Season 2, Episode 10

22nd Aug '22 - 2:30am
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