Season 2

s02e01 / Picasso: Chapter One

25th Apr '18 - 1:00am
Picasso: Chapter One

Pablo Picasso confronts the threat of fascism in Spain, and Young Pablo rejects traditional painting to search for his own voice.

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s02e02 / Picasso: Chapter Two

25th Apr '18 - 1:00am
Picasso: Chapter Two

Picasso's relationship with photographer Dora Maar is strained by war.

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s02e03 / Picasso: Chapter Three

2nd May '18 - 1:00am
Picasso: Chapter Three

Picasso meets his great love Franoise Gilot. Young Pablo begins his Blue Period after the suicide of his friend.

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s02e04 / Picasso: Chapter Four

9th May '18 - 1:00am
Picasso: Chapter Four

As older Picasso juggles two love affairs, Young Pablo strives to create a masterpiece that will signal his arrival as a great artist.

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s02e05 / Picasso: Chapter Five

16th May '18 - 1:00am
Picasso: Chapter Five

Picasso tries to convince Franoise to move in with him, while Young Pablo is challenged by the radical genius of Matisse.

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s02e06 / Picasso: Chapter Six

23rd May '18 - 1:00am
Picasso: Chapter Six

Picasso takes Franoise Gilot on vacation. Young Pablo starts cubism with Georges Braque, but is accused of stealing the Mona Lisa.

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s02e07 / Picasso: Chapter Seven

30th May '18 - 1:00am
Picasso: Chapter Seven

After WWII, Picasso joins the Communist Party. He is haunted by a tragic love affair.

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s02e08 / Picasso: Chapter Eight

6th Jun '18 - 1:00am
Picasso: Chapter Eight

Pablo meets his first wife, a ballerina, while designing a ballet. Older Picasso struggles to manage his complex family.

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s02e09 / Picasso: Chapter Nine

13th Jun '18 - 1:00am
Picasso: Chapter Nine

Fransoise Gilot defies Picasso and pursues her artistic goals. Meanwhile a young Dora Maar strives to meet Picasso.

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s02e10 / Picasso: Chapter Ten

20th Jun '18 - 1:00am
Picasso: Chapter Ten

After leaving Picasso Fran├žoise Gilot struggles to escape his shadow and make it on her own. Picasso finds companionship with Jacqueline Roque, but secludes himself from the world, determined to paint the perfect painting.

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