Season 4

s04e01 / The New Rachel

14th Sep '12 - 1:00am
The New Rachel

A still-heartbroken Rachel begins her brand new life in New York City, while back in Lima, the New Directions are struggling to figure out what to do with a group of only seven - and no star performer. Who will be their new Rachel Berry?

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s04e02 / Britney 2.0

21st Sep '12 - 1:00am
Britney 2.0

Brittany S. Pierce is in a funk and turns to her icon Britney Spears' music for inspiration! Meanwhile, Rachel struggles to adjust to life in New York, but is helped by her newfound NYADA friend, Brody Weston.

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s04e03 / Makeover

28th Sep '12 - 1:00am

Kurt gets an internship in New York at, working for Isabelle Wright. At McKinley High, Blaine runs against Brittany for president and wins. Rachel starts to warm up to her new classmate Brody inviting him to her and Kurt's apartment, but Finn shows up unexpectedly.

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s04e04 / The Break-Up

5th Oct '12 - 1:00am
The Break-Up

Rachel and Kurt are caught off-guard when they get unexpected visits in New York City. Meanwhile, Santana and Brittany deal with the long distance between them, and Will and Emma disagree on a new job offer.

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s04e05 / The Role You Were Born to Play

9th Nov '12 - 2:00am
The Role You Were Born to Play

The school production of "Grease" is underway and Marley, Jake, Kitty and football player Ryder compete to play "Danny" and "Sandy". Meanwhile, former glee clubbers Mercedes and Mike, return to cast the play and Mr. Schuester struggles with a difficult decision.

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s04e06 / Glease

16th Nov '12 - 2:00am

The McKinley High production of "Grease" opens, and Santana returns to help out. Rachel has another run-in with Cassandra, her dance instructor; and Kurt and Rachel visit Lima. Finn becomes the interim Glee Club Director.

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s04e07 / Dynamic Duets

23rd Nov '12 - 2:00am
Dynamic Duets

As their trophy from winning Nationals is being stolen - the New Directions start to think of what superheroes would do. As a conclusion, this weeks assignment is "Dynamic Duets". Romantic tension builds between Marley and two of the glee club's males, Jake and Ryder. Blaine checks in on the Warblers.

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s04e08 / Thanksgiving

30th Nov '12 - 2:00am

It's time for Sectionals, and New Directions receives guidance from some of the recent McKinley graduates who volunteer to mentor the glee club during their Thanksgiving breaks. Meanwhile, Rachel and Kurt have a non-traditional holiday dinner in the Big Apple.

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s04e09 / Swan Song

7th Dec '12 - 2:00am
Swan Song

As New Directions regroups after Sectionals, Finn ponders his future with the club. Meanwhile, Rachel prepares for the NYADA Winter Showcase, and Kurt gets his shot at redemption with a second audition.

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s04e10 / Glee, Actually

14th Dec '12 - 2:00am
Glee, Actually

A tribute to the film "Love, Actually" with five different storylines all dealing with the holidays. Sam and Brittany live as if it's the end of the world as the Mayans know it. The Puckermans, including half-brothers Puck and Jake and their mothers, come together for Chanukah. Artie suffers a head injury in which he slips on ice and has an epiphany through a dream sequence. He wonders what may have happened if he was never in a wheelchair and glee club never formed. His black-and-white vision has Rory as his guardian angel, reminding him of who he was to the glee club. Kurt spends Christmas with Blaine and his father in New York, whilst discovering his father has prostate cancer. Sue struggles to get a Secret Santa present for Marley's mother, Millie, but has a change of heart after seeing Marley and Millie struggle.

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s04e11 / Sadie Hawkins

25th Jan '13 - 2:00am
Sadie Hawkins

The girls of the glee club organize a Sadie Hawkins dance at McKinley High, in which the girls ask out their dates, leading to interesting couplings among the members of New Directions. Meanwhile, Sam is convinced that the Warblers cheated at Sectionals, and he makes it his mission to find the evidence. Also, Kurt attempts to find his niche at NYADA.

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s04e12 / Naked

1st Feb '13 - 2:00am

The glee club puts together a calendar photo shoot to raise money as they head into Regionals. Meanwhile, Rachel wins a part in a student art film, but the role poses a moral dilemma.

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s04e13 / Diva

8th Feb '13 - 2:00am

Finn challenges the glee club to find their inner powerhouses for "Diva Week". Meanwhile, in New York, Kurt can no longer take Rachel's arrogant attitude and calls her out, causing tension between the two friends. Also, Emma is in a whirlwind preparing for her upcoming wedding.

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s04e14 / I Do

15th Feb '13 - 2:00am
I Do

Will and Emma's wedding is finally here, and it lands on the day of romance and love: Valentine's Day. The former and current members of New Directions reunite in Lima to celebrate.

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s04e15 / Girls (and Boys) on Film

8th Mar '13 - 2:30am
Girls (and Boys) on Film

As everyone recovers from Will and Emma's wedding, the glee club is given the assignment to sing their favorite song from a movie. Meanwhile in New York, Santana makes herself at home in the loft a little too quickly for Rachel and Kurt's comfort. Also, the members of New Directions sing the hit series' landmark 500th musical performance in the all-new "Girls (And Boys) On Film".

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s04e16 / Feud

15th Mar '13 - 1:00am

For the first time in glee club history, the students give the teachers, Will and Finn, an assignment to hash out the tension between them. Meanwhile, Santana becomes increasingly suspicious of Brody's side job

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s04e17 / Guilty Pleasures

22nd Mar '13 - 1:00am
Guilty Pleasures

The members of New Directions tackle their musical indulgences - the songs and groups that everyone is too embarrassed to admit that they love

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s04e18 / Shooting Star

12th Apr '13 - 1:00am
Shooting Star

The members of New Directions are prepping for regionals, but when an unthinkable event occurs at McKinley High, perspectives are put into order.

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s04e19 / Sweet Dreams

19th Apr '13 - 1:00am
Sweet Dreams

When Mr. Shcuester comes up with the setlist for regionals, the New Directions are not pleased, Rachel sings an unexpected song for her Funny Girl audition, and Marley writes an Original Song.

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s04e20 / Lights Out

26th Apr '13 - 1:00am
Lights Out

When the power goes out at McKinley High, Will and Finn enlist the members of New Directions to "unplug" and perform acoustic numbers. Meanwhile, Isabelle Wright asks Kurt to volunteer at the charity event, with Rachel and Santana in tow

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s04e21 / Wonder-Ful

3rd May '13 - 1:00am

The members of New Directions take on the greatest hits of music icon Stevie Wonder. Meanwhile, Artie receives news that could affect his future and his mom. In New York, Rachel prepares for her "Funny Girl" callback.

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s04e22 / All or Nothing

10th May '13 - 1:00am
All or Nothing

It's finally time for Regionals, and the glee club is more determined than ever to advance to Nationals. Brittany returns from her MIT trip with a new attitude and Ryder finally has a lead on who is 'catfishing' him

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