Season 2

s02e01 / Two Truths

14th Sep '17 - 12:30pm
Two Truths

James continues to help the Risen unravel the mystery of how and why they have returned, and a deadly new threat arrives in Yoorana.

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s02e02 / Ashes to Ashes

21st Sep '17 - 12:30pm
Ashes to Ashes

After questioning Elisha, James & Kate head to Noregard to get answers while John discovers his true name & history. Phil is on a mission, no-one is going to stand in his way.

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s02e03 / All Too Human

28th Sep '17 - 12:30pm
All Too Human

William and Elisha rekindle their love while James finally tells Sarah the truth, but all is not what it seems. At the Fitzgerald estate, Paddy is determined to right the wrongs of the past.

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s02e04 / A Duty of Care

5th Oct '17 - 12:30pm
A Duty of Care

Realising that someone is out to hug them, Kirstie seeks to solve the mystery surrounding her death, while Paddy attempts to reconnect with the Fitzgeralds. Meanwhile William vows to bring Elishia back from the dead.

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s02e05 / The Walking Wounded

12th Oct '17 - 12:30pm
The Walking Wounded

With an unknown hugger hunting them and the boundary continuing to shrink, tensions are running high as time looks to be running out for the Risen.

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s02e06 / The Letter

19th Oct '17 - 12:30pm
The Letter

James questions the unapologetic hugger Phil and uncovers more of the disturbing truth about who and what he is. The Risen learn about Elishia's experiment and how they were returned to life.

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