God Friended Me
Season 2

s02e01 / Joy

30th Sep '19 - 12:00am

Miles tries to help Joy figure out what the God account wants from her after she receives her first friend suggestion since getting Miles' name. Simon helps Cara reconnect with an important person from her past while she's in Paris.

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s02e02 / The Lady

7th Oct '19 - 12:00am
The Lady

Miles and Rakesh help Joy with her new friend suggestion, an aspiring self-help guru. Cara follows a lead in Paris. Ali reveals to Arthur that she's left Harlem Episcopal for a progressive LGBTQ-friendly congregation.

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s02e03 / From Paris with Love

14th Oct '19 - 12:00am
From Paris with Love

Miles reunites with Cara in Paris as they seek to unravel clues from the God Account. In New York, Rakesh helps Joy with her latest friend suggestion, Sarah, a parking officer who just ticketed Joy.

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s02e04 / All Those Yesterdays

21st Oct '19 - 12:00am
All Those Yesterdays

Miles, Cara and Rakesh support Joy when The God Account sends her a friend suggestion that brings up painful memories for her. Arthur is tempted by a professional opportunity.

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s02e05 / The Greater Good

28th Oct '19 - 12:00am
The Greater Good

Miles' world and Arthur's world intersect when the God Account indicates that Bishop Thompson's daughter, Claire, is in need of help. Also, Jaya's parents, impressed with Rakesh's success, want the pair to move forward in their relationship.

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s02e06 / The Fighter

4th Nov '19 - 1:00am
The Fighter

The God Account sends Miles the name of Elena, a social worker who began training in mixed martial arts to help heal the emotional wounds of a traumatic experience. Arthur is torn between a professional opportunity and promises he made to his fiancé, Trish, and Rakesh attempts to track down the artist behind the mysterious painting that Miles and Cara found in Paris.

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s02e07 / Instant Karma

11th Nov '19 - 1:00am
Instant Karma

Miles is confused when Sameer, a lawyer with financial problems, wants nothing to do with a winning lottery ticket that the God Account helps Miles return to him. Ali opens up to the congregation at the LGBTQ-friendly church she joined, and Audrey, the artist behind the mysterious painting Miles saw in Paris, reveals surprising information behind the work.

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s02e08 / The Last Grenelle

18th Nov '19 - 1:00am
The Last Grenelle

Miles is shocked when the clues he began following in Paris lead him to Gideon, who had friend suggestions years ago before making a fateful decision to leave the God Account behind.

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s02e09 / Prophet & Loss

25th Nov '19 - 1:00am
Prophet & Loss

When Miles gets the name of Cara's stepfather, Paul, they learn that he is potentially involved with an insider trading scheme. But when Cara asks Miles to ignore his urge to intervene, he is forced to choose between her wishes or the God Account.

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s02e10 / High Anxiety

9th Dec '19 - 1:00am
High Anxiety

When Miles grows concerned that the God Account is causing a rift with Cara, he decides to walk away from the account after helping one last friend suggestion, Miguel, a window washer with a sick daughter.

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s02e11 / A New Hope

6th Jan '20 - 1:00am
A New Hope

Miles discovers a new clue as to who is behind the God Account when Joy reveals that his friend suggestions have all been clients of the same insurance company. Her theory is reinforced when they realize that Miles' latest friend suggestion, Abe, a Holocaust survivor looking for information on his sister's fate, is also a client of the company.

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s02e12 / BFF

13th Jan '20 - 1:00am

Miles is surprised when the God Account sends him the name of Trish's daughter on the eve of Arthur and Trish's wedding. Also, the wedding gives Miles the opportunity to chase down a new lead on the God Account, and Ali receives important news.

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s02e13 / The Princess and the Hacker

17th Feb '20 - 1:00am
The Princess and the Hacker

Rakesh is stunned when his new soulmate app suggests that Lulu, the princess of an African nation, is his soulmate, instead of Jaya. So, when the God Account sends Miles Lulu's name, Rakesh takes the lead on figuring out how they can help her. Also, Ali reveals her cancer diagnosis to Arthur and Trish.

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s02e14 / Raspberry Pie

24th Feb '20 - 1:00am
Raspberry Pie

Miles is confused when the God Account sends him his own name as a friend suggestion. But when Rakesh discovers that Miles' Facebook account has been cloned and the suggestion was for the fake account, they turn their attention to the hacker, Zack, a teenage computer prodigy. Also, Ali begins fertility treatments in an effort to freeze her eggs before beginning chemotherapy.

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s02e15 / The Last Little Thing

2nd Mar '20 - 1:00am
The Last Little Thing

As Ali begins chemotherapy, Miles is determined to convince Anna, a young woman also diagnosed with cancer, that there is more to live for than just completing her bucket list. Miles, Rakesh, and Cara venture into an underground poker game as they continue to search for a hacker who may have information on the God Account.

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s02e16 / The Atheist Papers

9th Mar '20 - 12:00am
The Atheist Papers

Miles is crushed when Daryl Watkins, a renowned author and atheist, criticizes Miles' podcast. Miles must put aside his wounded pride to help Daryl when the God Account suggests his name. Ali tests the waters of a new relationship as she deals with her cancer treatments.

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s02e17 / Harlem Cinema House

16th Mar '20 - 12:00am
Harlem Cinema House

When the God Account sends Miles the names of three employees of an old movie theater he and Ali used to go to as children, he makes it his mission to help the theater's owner raise the money to save the theater before it closes down.

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s02e18 / Almost Famous

30th Mar '20 - 12:00am
Almost Famous

Ali is hopeful when she's told that she's a candidate for a new drug trial to help with her cancer treatment. But when the God Account suggests that Miles helps the daughter of the hospital administrator in charge of the drug trial, he's reluctant to get involved for fear of hurting Ali's chances of being accepted.

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s02e19 / The Fugitive

13th Apr '20 - 12:00am
The Fugitive

Miles, Cara and Rakesh try to stay a step ahead of a bounty hunter, Bonnie, who's searching for Miles' new friend suggestion, a petty criminal-turned-fugitive for evading court. Also, when Miles loses interest in who's behind the God Account, Rakesh intensifies the search by planning to hack a powerful government super computer that can break through the Account's firewall.

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s02e20 / Collateral Damage

20th Apr '20 - 12:00am
Collateral Damage

Miles weighs the consequences of carrying out the God Account's wishes when his new friend suggestion, Trevor, alleges Miles ruined his life when he helped Rose reunite with Lt. Freemont, her former love and a previous friend suggestion. As Miles tries to help Trevor resolve his feelings for Rose on the eve of her wedding, he realizes he has lingering feelings of his own for Cara.

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s02e21 / Miracles (1)

27th Apr '20 - 12:00am
Miracles (1)

Miles helps his new friend suggestion, C.J., a young boy who claims an angel wants him to reunite his father, Corey, the creator of the God Account's original algorithm, with Corey's estranged father.

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s02e22 / The Mountain (2)

27th Apr '20 - 1:00am
The Mountain (2)

Miles is forced to examine his lack of faith more than ever before when the God Account sends him his sister, Ali, as a friend suggestion on the eve of her cancer surgery.

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