Good Witch
Season 1

s01e01 / Starting Over... Again

1st Mar '15 - 1:00am
Starting Over... Again

Like mother, like daughter! The enchanting Cassie Nightingale is back with daughter Grace by her side and together their spellbinding charm is no match for Middleton's newest neighbors.

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s01e02 / Running Scared

8th Mar '15 - 1:00am
Running Scared

As Middleton's Heritage Festival gets everyone in town talking, Cassie is back to her bewitching ways as she welcomes a scared young woman to the Grey House, only to find out she's being followed.

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s01e03 / Do the Right Thing

15th Mar '15 - 12:00am
Do the Right Thing

The Middleton police attempt to track down a missing Ashley, but it is Cassie who might know where to find her and how to change her direction. Meanwhile, the town is excited about the Heritage Ball at the Grey House, but a confrontation on the dance floor arises when Ryan's ex-fiancée shows up.

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s01e04 / All in the Family

22nd Mar '15 - 12:00am
All in the Family

Cassie's mischievous cousin Abigail is back in Middleton, forcing Cassie to attempt tough love as Sam and Grace are swept up in Abigail's spell.

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s01e05 / The Truth About Lies

29th Mar '15 - 12:00am
The Truth About Lies

Cassie's magic can't keep her away from Abigail's scheming when the truth becomes too hard to hide and Abigail continues to stir the pot in Middleton.

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s01e06 / The Storm

5th Apr '15 - 12:00am
The Storm

Cassie tries to convince Sam to follow her intuition in order to help a young couple survive a blizzard.

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s01e07 / Together We Stand...

12th Apr '15 - 12:00am
Together We Stand...

As the winter storm continues to pose a threat to all of Middleton, Cassie and Sam work together to save a life and a crisis magically brings them closer.

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s01e08 / True Colors

19th Apr '15 - 12:00am
True Colors

When Middleton's enchanting "Good Witch" Cassie receives devastating news about the future of the Bell, Book and Candle, the whole town will come together to prove a little bit of magic goes a long way.

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