Season 2

s02e01 / The Line

12th Jun '14 - 2:00am
The Line

When a cartel puts a hit on Mike, he returns to Graceland, finding the place changed.

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s02e02 / Connects

19th Jun '14 - 2:00am

Briggs digs up an old connection to help Mike get information; Paige pursues a drug manufacturer.

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s02e03 / Tinker Bell

26th Jun '14 - 2:00am
Tinker Bell

Jake is on the lookout for bus full of smuggled contraband. Tuturro finds he's in over his head after he sells an antique gun to the son of the leader of a cartel.

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s02e04 / Magic Number

10th Jul '14 - 2:00am
Magic Number

Briggs and Charlie attempt to make up for past transgressions. Tuturro thinks about how far he is willing to go for a case following a night on the town with Carlito.

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s02e05 / H-a-Double-P-Y

17th Jul '14 - 2:00am

A surprise visitor to Graceland upends the power dynamics and puts Mike in a precarious position. Tuturro risks his undercover with Carlito to help Lucia, but he makes a desperate move to earn it back.

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s02e06 / The Unlucky One

24th Jul '14 - 2:00am
The Unlucky One

Mike and Briggs go to extremes to find Paige while she is undercover with a sex trafficking ring when the Solano case goes to pieces, seemingly due to an act of sabotage.

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s02e07 / Los Malos

31st Jul '14 - 2:00am
Los Malos

Mike has to face his enemy and is determined to take him down no matter what even if it means his agents operate outside the boundaries of the law.

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s02e08 / The Ends

7th Aug '14 - 2:00am
The Ends

Charlie tries to bond with a bank robber; Johnny must check his feelings for a cartel leader's daughter; Briggs' life creates complications.

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s02e09 / Gratis

14th Aug '14 - 2:00am

Johnny pitches an alternative way to traffic drugs to the head of a drug cartel in Mexico.

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s02e10 / The Head of the Pig

21st Aug '14 - 2:00am
The Head of the Pig

Briggs and Paige plan to use Briggs' cover to end Mike's operation.

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s02e11 / Home

28th Aug '14 - 2:00am

Briggs looks for a person who could know of his past crimes whilst the team attempts to stop an adversary of Mike's.

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s02e12 / Echoes

4th Sep '14 - 2:00am

Even as the agents bait their final hooks against the Solano Cartel, it dawns that Sid may still have a few tricks of his own.

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s02e13 / Faith 7

11th Sep '14 - 2:00am
Faith 7

As the arrests of Sid and the Solanos near, even the best laid plans begin to crumble.

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