Grand Designs
Season 20

s20e01 / Galloway: Cliff-Top House

4th Sep '19 - 9:00pm
Galloway: Cliff-Top House

Andy and Jeanette plan a precarious cliff-top build on the west coast of Scotland. There are battles with extreme weather, budget overruns, and a sudden emotional shock.

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s20e02 / Lincolnshire: Cylinder Home

11th Sep '19 - 9:00pm
Lincolnshire: Cylinder Home

Kevin McCloud meets entrepreneur Paul Wilkinson and his wife Amy, who are building a giant new home on a 16-acre plot in Lincolnshire. The superstructure will be comprised of five circular buildings made up of interlocking timber cylinders, linked by raised wooden walkways that hang over a fishing lake. The complicated build proves difficult for Paul's local team, and their ambitious schedule of completing the project in a year soon looks out of reach.

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s20e03 / Warwickshire: Wheelchair-Friendly House

18th Sep '19 - 9:00pm
Warwickshire: Wheelchair-Friendly House

Design engineer Mark Butler is paralysed from the waist down and needs a cutting-edge, wheelchair-friendly family home. Making it for £600k proves a huge emotional strain.

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s20e04 / Hull: Underground Family House

25th Sep '19 - 9:00pm
Hull: Underground Family House

Kevin McCloud follows the progress of engineer Richard Bennett and his partner Felicia Böhm as they transform an underground water reservoir near the Humber Estuary into a family home. In 2013, the pair decided to embark on the ambitious build with a budget of only £150,000, but it proved a monumental challenge, and design and layout decisions stretched their abilities and the schedule to the max.

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s20e05 / Suffolk: Tree House

2nd Oct '19 - 9:00pm
Suffolk: Tree House

Kevin McCloud follows the progress of musician Toby Leeming as he sets out to build a house wrapped around an ancient oak tree in rural Suffolk. The design for Toby's five-building home contains six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a music studio and an annexe - a vast project more like a village than a house. Creating this life changing vision on a £530k budget, and in only eight months, will not be an easy task, especially as they must build up close to an ancient oak without destroying any of the roots.

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s20e06 / North Devon: Lighthouse

9th Oct '19 - 9:00pm
North Devon: Lighthouse

For most people, living in a lighthouse is pure fantasy. Not so for Edward and Hazel Short and their two young daughters. Back in 2012, they set out to build a brand new, art deco, shining white lighthouse tower with additional bedrooms, guest rooms, and infinity pool on the side - all on a rugged but beautiful clifftop in North Devon. Kevin McCloud sees if they made that dream a reality.

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s20e07 / Strathaven: Airfield Revisited

16th Oct '19 - 9:00pm
Strathaven: Airfield Revisited

Kevin McCloud revisits a home built on an airfield in Strathaven in Scotland to check on the progress made by Colin MacKinnon and his partner Marta Briongos. Their ambitious plan was to build a metal-sculptural home inspired by aircraft hangars right next to the runway, but the difficulties of building their elegant design saw a year-long project stretch to three years.

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