Peeping Todd Summary

Nanny Faye and Todd are in town to visit Savannah and Chase! Honestly though, it seems as if they really came for Nic. Todd is wary that Nic has been living with Savannah and decides to snoop, while Chase has his own problems with his growing candle business.

Mission Incognito

Todd believes that couples shouldn't live together until they're married, and the last time he checked, Savannah and Nic weren't married yet! Todd is very suspicious that Nic has been crashing at Savannah's house in L.A. even though the duo denies it. First piece of evidence in Todd's case - there are three toothbrushes in the bathroom! Nanny Faye tries to talk Todd off the ledge as she doesn't think Savannah is doing anything wrong. After a ton of convincing, Todd gets Faye on board to spy on the couple - he needs an answer! Nanny Faye is ready with latex gloves, binoculars and walkie-talkies; she can never be too careful! Even though she's helping Todd, Nanny Faye knows that Savannah wouldn't lie to her. Faye and Todd sleuth their way around Savannah's house but find no hard evidence that Nic is living there. Todd decides they have to wait for the night to see if Nic leaves before Savannah goes to sleep! In a not-so-subtle recon mission, Savannah busts Todd lurking around the perimeter of her house. She is NOT happy. At a peace offering lunch, Nic admits that he did ask Savannah to move in together, but she said no! It turns out both Savannah and Nic respect Todd's values and beliefs. In a rare turn of events, Todd admits that he was a little off-base.

Candles get Lit

Chase is ready to take the next step with his candle business and decides to have Elliot as his right hand man. Chase wants to get his vision for the candles into local stores around L.A. Chase calls their first meeting in a communal work space, a concept that Elliot can't seem to understand. Elliot thinks he's already ahead of the game and presents Chase with their first sale - a cactus candle! Chase is ticked because cacti aren't exactly his thing- and they don't have any product. Chase acknowledges that they can't blow the sale, even though he doesn't approve; he gives Elliot the go ahead to fulfill the order. Not only does Elliot change their manufacturer without permission, the delivered candles look nothing like cacti. In fact, they're NSFW. Chase fixes the order and tells Elliot that if he wants to be employee of the year, he has to go about things correctly. Elliot gets rid of the phallic candles by selling them to a sex shop. At least he got their money back! Chase delivers a proper cactus candle and orders a batch of candles he actually wants. The candles come out great, even Savannah approves!

Todd and Nanny Faye go back to Nashville, and Nic leaves as well. At least Savannah has Chase, who has excellent taste in movies.

Growing Up Chrisley Season 2 Episodes...

Growing Up Chrisley Show Summary

Todd Chrisley's adult children, Chase and Savannah, travel to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams. Chase wants to be an actor and Savannah has her sights set on the beauty industry, but Nashville isn't LA, and their father is still watching them closely.

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