Starring Sigmund Freud, Charles Bukowski and Seven Billion Assholes Summary

Thom ends up being overrun by jerks. The Swedes manage to emasculate Thom at work. Jonathan introduces the Nazi handbook at a meeting.

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Happyish Show Summary

A dark examination of our pursuit of happiness, a pursuit that might just be the very thing causing our unhappiness in the first place. Thom Payne is 42, his new bosses at work are half his age and they say the words 'digital' and 'social' far too often. His mentor and boss, Jonathan tells him to "rebrand" himself, his corporate headhunter tells him happiness is a myth, and Thom's not sure if his Viagra will interfere with his Prozac, or vice versa. Acclaimed actress Kathryn Hahn stars as Lee Payne, Thom's wife, who is looking for a larger goal, a purpose, a meaning. Good luck with that. Happiness? In this world? Happiness after all is pretty high bar; in a world as absurd as ours, maybe the best anyone can hope for is happyish.

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