Harry Wild
Season 3

s03e01 / Killing Me Softly With His Bad Pop Song

14th May '24 - 3:00am
Killing Me Softly With His Bad Pop Song Summary

When Jamie D, the lead singer of Lola's favorite boy band, plummets to his passing right before the band's farewell performance, Lola convinces Harry and Fergus to investigate.

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s03e02 / Too Many Harrys Spoil the Murder

14th May '24 - 3:59am
Too Many Harrys Spoil the Murder Summary

Harry and Fergus have to contend with a rival private detective, a gangster's henchman, and an utterly baffling mystery when the girlfriend of a head chef's decapitated head is served up on a platter. Elsewhere, Paula makes a huge, life-changing announcement, and Glenn asks his long-time girlfriend, Petra, the question.

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s03e03 / Lights, Camera, Murder

21st May '24 - 3:59am
Lights, Camera, Murder Summary

When the director of a daytime Irish soap opera has his throat cut in the middle of a scene, Harry and Fergus are tasked with finding the culprit as soon as possible so filming can resume. Fortunately, Harry discovers a secret weapon in the shape of a super fan, Orla.

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s03e04 / The Man Who Murdered Himself

28th May '24 - 3:59am
The Man Who Murdered Himself Summary

A fellow P.I., Harry Benedict, inveigles his way into Harry's life by sending her a particularly perplexing case. As Harry and Fergus attempt to work out how it's possible for a mystery writer to shoot himself in a locked panic room without aballoon, they find the key to cracking the case might come from a very surprising source.

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s03e05 / Cleanliness is Next to Deadliness

4th Jun '24 - 3:59am
Cleanliness is Next to Deadliness Summary

Every year, the Vibrant Villages competition fiercely pits various areas of Dublin against one another to see who has the most desirable community, leading to dirty tricks and sabotage. However, things go further than expected when Harry's good friend Evelyn Summers finds the dead body of her estranged husband in her fish pond and tasks Harry and Fergus with discovering whohuged him.

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s03e06 / Dead Man's Trigger

11th Jun '24 - 3:59am
Dead Man's Trigger Summary

Harry and Fergus head to the Garda station to collect Charlie, Orla, and Lola en route to Glenn and Petra's wedding. While there, a despondent man takes the station hostage and demands that they help solve the cuddle of his daughter. Concerned because Harry has the ring, Glenn comes to check on them and realizes he has a die-hard situation on his hands.

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