Have I Got News for You
Season 22

s22e01 / Rich Hall, Michael Crick

19th Oct '01 - 9:00pm
Rich Hall, Michael Crick

TEAMS: Ian Hislop & Rich Hall; Paul Merton & Michael Crick

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s22e02 / Andrew MacKinlay, Jennie Bond

26th Oct '01 - 9:00pm
Andrew MacKinlay, Jennie Bond

TEAMS Ian Hislop & Andrew MacKinlay; Paul Merton & Jennie Bond

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s22e03 / Shazia Mirza, Boris Johnson

2nd Nov '01 - 9:00pm
Shazia Mirza, Boris Johnson

TEAMS: Ian Hislop & Shazia Mirza; Paul Merton & Boris Johnson

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s22e04 / Rosie Boycott, Richard Bacon

9th Nov '01 - 9:00pm
Rosie Boycott, Richard Bacon

TEAMS: Ian Hislop & Rosie Boycott; Paul Merton & Richard Bacon

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s22e05 / Adam Boulton, Carol Thatcher

16th Nov '01 - 9:00pm
Adam Boulton, Carol Thatcher

TEAMS: Ian Hislop & Adam Boulton; Paul Merton & Carol Thatcher

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s22e06 / Omid Djalili, Clement Freud

30th Nov '01 - 9:00pm
Omid Djalili, Clement Freud

TEAMS: Ian Hislop & Omid Djalili; Paul Merton & Clement Freud

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s22e07 / Sara Cox, Andrew Marr

7th Dec '01 - 9:00pm
Sara Cox, Andrew Marr

TEAMS: Ian Hislop & Sara Cox; Paul Merton & Andrew Marr

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s22e08 / Francis Wheen, James Naughtie

14th Dec '01 - 9:00pm
Francis Wheen, James Naughtie

TEAMS: Ian Hislop & Francis Wheen; Paul Merton & James Naughtie

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s22e09 / Charles Kennedy, John Sergeant

21st Dec '01 - 9:00pm
Charles Kennedy, John Sergeant

TEAMS: Ian Hislop & Charles Kennedy; Paul Merton & John Sergeant

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