Home for Christmas
Season 1

s01e01 / The Big Christmas Lie

6th Dec '19 - 4:59am
The Big Christmas Lie

After lying to her nosy family about having a boyfriend, Johanne sets out to find the real thing in time to introduce him at Christmas.

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s01e02 / Heavy Dating

7th Dec '19 - 4:59am
Heavy Dating

Johanne goes all-in on the dating scene, hitting the town with a variety of suitors - some more worthy than others.

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s01e03 / Sugar Baby? Sugar Daddy?

8th Dec '19 - 4:59am
Sugar Baby? Sugar Daddy?

Just as Johanne finds herself falling for Jonas, his polar opposite asks her out. Complicating matters: iffy and unsolicited advice from all angles.

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s01e04 / Party Flirting

9th Dec '19 - 4:59am
Party Flirting

Sparks fly and punches are thrown at Johanne's hospital Christmas party. Later, a ride on the bus takes an unexpected turn.

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s01e05 / Heartache

10th Dec '19 - 4:59am

After bumping into a few old flames, Johanne realizes she has real feelings for Jonas and sets out to let him know.

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s01e06 / The Final Christmas Countdown

11th Dec '19 - 4:59am
The Final Christmas Countdown

Johanne strives to make peace with her imperfect holiday season. But hold up - Christmas may still have a few surprises in store!.

329 have watched this episode
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