01 /  Chapter 40

5th Mar '16 - 4:59am
Chapter 40

Claire's absence causes problems for Frank on the campaign trail amid rumors of a marital rift. Claire tries to strike out on her own.


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02 /  Chapter 41

6th Mar '16 - 4:59am
Chapter 41

As Claire begins exploring a campaign of her own, she and Frank engage in backdoor political maneuvering. But this time they're not on the same side.


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03 /  Chapter 42

7th Mar '16 - 4:59am
Chapter 42

Claire joins Frank as he stumps in South Carolina, but he doesn't trust her. A disastrous scandal blindsides Frank's campaign on primary day.


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04 /  Chapter 43

8th Mar '16 - 4:59am
Chapter 43

Claire threatens Frank. Frank makes a politically bold move that may provoke Russia. An event at a campaign stop changes everything.


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05 /  Chapter 44

9th Mar '16 - 4:59am
Chapter 44

Claire advises Donald Blythe on dealing with Petrov. Further investigations of Lucas Goodwin dredges up his accusations against Frank.


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06 /  Chapter 45

10th Mar '16 - 4:59am
Chapter 45

Claire clashes with the Secretary of State over her involvement in negotiations with Russia. Dunbar must choose between her campaign and her ethics.


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07 /  Chapter 46

11th Mar '16 - 4:59am
Chapter 46

Frank and Claire adjust to their new reality. The search for Frank's running mate begins. Frank starts a campaign to weaken Conway's strong support.


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08 /  Chapter 47

12th Mar '16 - 4:59am
Chapter 47

Formidable as ever, both Underwoods have their eyes on the big picture as they manipulate a potential running mate and push the gun bill.


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09 /  Chapter 48

13th Mar '16 - 4:59am
Chapter 48

At the convention, Frank and his team publicly push for Catherine Durant to be chosen as his running mate, but privately pursue a different agenda.


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10 /  Chapter 49

14th Mar '16 - 3:59am
Chapter 49

As Frank deals with a new threat to his candidacy, Claire has doubts about their plan. Claire faces a difficult decision concerning her mother.


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11 /  Chapter 50

15th Mar '16 - 3:59am
Chapter 50

Frank ups the ante on the war on terror to counter Conway's public show of strength. Tom joins Claire on the campaign trail.


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12 /  Chapter 51

16th Mar '16 - 3:59am
Chapter 51

Frank asks Will to help deal with extremists threatening to murder hostages. Hammerschmidt digs deeper into the allegations against Frank.


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13 /  Chapter 52

17th Mar '16 - 3:59am
Chapter 52

As the hostage situation continues, Claire secretly negotiates with Yusuf al Ahmadi. Frank confronts Hammerschmidt.


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