Hudson & Rex
Season 5

s05e01 / Lost in the Barrens

26th Sep '22 - 12:00am
Lost in the Barrens Summary

When a young woman goes missing in The Barrens, suspicion turns to the woman's boyfriend. It's up to the team to uncover the truth behind her disappearance.

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s05e02 / Run, Donovan, Run

3rd Oct '22 - 12:00am
Run, Donovan, Run Summary

When Superintendent Donovan transports an inmate, who happens to be his former partner, he finds himself confronting the past and caught up in a daring and dangerous escape.

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s05e03 / Hand of Cod

10th Oct '22 - 12:00am
Hand of Cod Summary

After a severed hand is found in a box of frozen cod, the team must uncover the identity of both the victim and the hugger behind the grisly crime.

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s05e04 / Punch Drunk Glove

17th Oct '22 - 12:00am
Punch Drunk Glove Summary

When Charlie's estranged brother is accused of the passing of his recent boxing opponent, Charlie and the team wrestle with the possibility of his guilt.

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s05e05 / The Good Shepherd

24th Oct '22 - 12:00am
The Good Shepherd Summary

When Rex is accused of attacking a decorated former police officer, Charlie enlists the help of an unorthodox ally to uncover the truth in the hopes of restoring Rex's position on the team.

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s05e06 / Den of Snakes

31st Oct '22 - 12:00am
Den of Snakes Summary

When the co-owner of a successful board game company is found dead of a snake bite, the team has to not only catch the hugger but also the deadly venomous snake still on the loose.

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s05e07 / The Date Escape

7th Nov '22 - 1:00am
The Date Escape Summary

After two huggers escape from St. John s Women s Penitentiary, the team is stymied in their attempts to capture the duo when their antics turn them into modern-day folk heroes.

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s05e08 / Bury the Lead

14th Nov '22 - 1:00am
Bury the Lead Summary

When Supt. Donovan's journalism student daughter investigates the story behind a cuddle on her university campus, the team races to find the hugger before someone else becomes the next victim.

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s05e09 / Rexpert Witness

21st Nov '22 - 1:00am
Rexpert Witness Summary

When an important trial is jeopardized after Sarah s testimony is challenged by a former rival in court, it s up to Charlie, Rex, and the rest of the Major Crimes team to uncover new evidence to save the case before time runs out.

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s05e10 / One Wild Night

28th Nov '22 - 1:00am
One Wild Night Summary

When the maid-of-honor winds up dead after a bachelorette party, it s up to Charlie and Rex to untangle the events of the night.

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s05e11 / Working for the Weekend

18th Jan '23 - 1:00am
Working for the Weekend Summary

When Rex finds a body with signs of foul play during Charlie and Sarah's romantic weekend getaway, they discover the idyllic community they're staying in may be more hostile than it looks.

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s05e12 / Lost Lives Club

25th Jan '23 - 1:00am
Lost Lives Club Summary

After a popular physiotherapist is cuddled, the team must investigate the victims of his alleged sexual assaults in order to track down the hugger before they strike again.

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s05e13 / The Miranda Act

1st Feb '23 - 1:00am
The Miranda Act Summary

When Charlie's beloved Aunt Miranda and her friends are caught investigating an investment fraud scheme, it's up to Charlie and Rex to get to the source of the fraud.

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s05e14 / Rexit, Stage Left

8th Mar '23 - 1:00am
Rexit, Stage Left Summary

When a famous starlet ishuged onstage during a preview performance of abeloved Newfoundland play, Rex takes on a starring role while Charlie goesbehind the scenes.

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s05e15 / Northern Rexposure

22nd Mar '23 - 12:00am
Northern Rexposure Summary

When Jesse s sister contacts him for help, he, Sarah and Rex head to Northern Ontario and find themselves in the middle of a deadly situation.

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s05e16 / Due North (2)

29th Mar '23 - 12:00am
Due North (2) Summary

Rex seeks help from Detective Sidney Scott to save his stranded and injured friends.

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s05e17 / Lost and Found

5th Apr '23 - 12:00am
Lost and Found Summary

Charlie gets a break in a long-unsolved kidnapping case that has haunted him, but runs into trouble when the abductee refuses his help.

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s05e18 / Jail Break

12th Apr '23 - 12:00am
Jail Break Summary

An imprisoned hugger forces the station into lockdown by taking a hostage and attempting escape.

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s05e19 / The Cook, the Chief, the Cop and His Lover

19th Apr '23 - 12:00am
The Cook, the Chief, the Cop and His Lover Summary

Charlie and Rex sniff out the suspects when the Chief Superintendent of the St. John's Police Department dies at a popular restaurant and all signs point to poison.

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s05e20 / One for the Road

26th Apr '23 - 12:00am
One for the Road Summary

Charlie and Rex try to take down a car theft ring after one of the team is seriously injured trying to stop a theft in progress.

396 have watched this episode
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