Season 1

s01e01 / Night Out

12th Apr '22 - 9:45pm
Night Out Summary

Toni hasn't had a night out since Grace was born, Paula's tearing her hair out over Ashley's new boyfriend and Rana meets up with the Hull City player she met last night - realising too late that he isn't quite what

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s01e02 / Dry-Spell

19th Apr '22 - 9:45pm
Dry-Spell Summary

Toni's on a mission to rekindle sexy-time with Craig - but there's always something (usually Grace) in the way.

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s01e03 / Mucky

26th Apr '22 - 9:45pm
Mucky Summary

Toni accidentally takes home Grace's classmate's Gucci coat - and instantly manages to stain it. Paula finds there could be advantages of getting sick. Rana's attempt at bonding doesn't go to plan.

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s01e04 / Party

3rd May '22 - 9:45pm
Party Summary

Grace's flamingo-themed 5th birthday party is going smoothly - until she comes down with a case of flamingo-phobia. Can Toni turn things around with the 'help' of hungover Rana, the puking princess?!

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s01e05 / Breadcakes

10th May '22 - 9:45pm
Breadcakes Summary

Toni offers to run a baked goods stall at the school fair. Only problem is, she can't bake. At all. Paula discovers a saucy hidden talent, and Rana's competitive side comes out against Ashley.

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s01e06 / New You

17th May '22 - 9:45pm
New You Summary

Toni feels like a new woman. Nothing can stop her now... Paula turns a corner with Ashley. And a failed hook-up leads Rana to discover that the meaning of life might not revolve around her libido!

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