I Hate Suzie
Season 2

s02e01 / Series 2, Episode 1

20th Dec '22 - 9:00pm
Series 2, Episode 1 Summary

She's back. And she's dancing. With Cob refusing her access to her son and her relationship with Naomi still dicey, Suzie needs all the friends she can get.

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s02e02 / Series 2, Episode 2

21st Dec '22 - 9:00pm
Series 2, Episode 2 Summary

Suzie tries to win everyone's affection by being the real Suzie. If she can recall what that is.

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s02e03 / Series 2, Episode 3

22nd Dec '22 - 9:00pm
Series 2, Episode 3 Summary

As the night of the Dance Crazee Xmas final arrives, Suzie is on the edge of glory and disaster.

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