Season 1

s01e01 / Genesis

16th Jul '15 - 2:30am

A lowlife who is on the run after having having created gambling debts cons a small town into thinking that he is their new pastor.

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s01e02 / On the Third Day...

23rd Jul '15 - 2:30am
On the Third Day...

The church is in an uproar when two dead bodies are discovered in town and a piece of incriminating evidence leads directly to the new pastor. Meanwhile, Buddy goes back home to attend his own funeral.

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s01e03 / Bird of Pray

30th Jul '15 - 2:30am
Bird of Pray

Buddy's first Sunday service is so unorthodox, a livid Schmidt calls in the bishop to assess the new pastor's competence. Dora makes an unusual request for Buddy, while Alexa and Russell vie for his affection.

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s01e04 / Thou Shalt Not Steal

6th Aug '15 - 2:30am
Thou Shalt Not Steal

Buddy steals a ruby necklace from a woman in a coffin to pay off a gambling debt. Also, Dora and Alexa have a falling out over a church fashion show; and Schmidt falls for a mystery woman.

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s01e05 / Ex-Communication

13th Aug '15 - 2:30am

Buddy tries to help Alexa escape her past, but his efforts put both of them in danger. Elsewhere, Dora has a meltdown after learning her ex-fiancé is getting married.

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s01e06 / Honor Thy Boyfriend's Father and Mother

20th Aug '15 - 2:30am
Honor Thy Boyfriend's Father and Mother

Buddy shares a surprise about Russell with Russell's parents and then gets a big surprise of his own. Elsewhere, Alexa instructs Dora in the art of self-love.

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s01e07 / The Body of Kenny Compels You

27th Aug '15 - 2:30am
The Body of Kenny Compels You

Buddy is questioned by the police, Alexa and Schmidt after Kenny's dead body is discovered. A young photographer finds Buddy in a compromising position.

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s01e08 / Bingo Tell It on the Mountain

3rd Sep '15 - 2:30am
Bingo Tell It on the Mountain

Buddy ends up being threatened by a new family in town. Dora wants Buddy's help to overcome a strange addiction.

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s01e09 / Flings & Arrows

10th Sep '15 - 2:30am
Flings & Arrows

Buddy faces more perils when an unexpected delivery threatens to expose him and a hired assassin comes looking for him. Elsewhere: Schmidt's wife accuses him of having an affair.

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s01e10 / Exodus

17th Sep '15 - 2:30am

Buddy flees Ladner after realizing there's a hit out on him. Also: Dora becomes a town hero; and Schmidt makes a surprising announcement.

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