S06E24 The Party Crasher Summary

Murr, Joe, Sal and Q dodge shakedowns with the help of some stranger, then they get handsy in a parking lot. A clip bait battle goes down in the park and tonight's big loser has a run-in at a party that leaves him down for the count.

Impractical Jokers Season 6 Episodes...

Impractical Jokers Show Summary

This hidden-camera series follows four lifelong friends - Brian ''Q'' Quinn, James ''Murr'' Murray, Joe Gatto and Sal Vulcano - who take dares to an outrageous level. Since they were young, the quartet have challenged one another to do ridiculous dares in public.

On the show, to find out who is best under pressure, the guys compete in awkward and outrageous hidden-camera hijinks. At the end of each episode, the loser must perform what is deemed to be the most-mortifying challenge yet.

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