S02E07 Hella Disrespectful Summary

Tensions run high during Derek and Tiffany's dinner party. Molly rethinks her future after being forced to come to terms with her romantic realities. Issa tries to make things right with Frieda.

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Insecure Show Summary

Insecure explores the black female experience in an unclich├ęd and authentic way. Issa, like many of us, tries to figure out what - and who - she wants in life, and how to take control of it. Meanwhile, Molly is a successful corporate attorney who appears to have it all but struggles inside as she looks for external ways to fix her life. Aside from following the duo's entertaining lives, the half-hour series also includes a variety of hip music from indie and well-known artists, as well as touches on social and racial issues that relate to the contemporary black experience.

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