Intelligence (2020)
Season 1

s01e01 / Series 1, Episode 1

21st Feb '20 - 11:00pm
Series 1, Episode 1 Summary

When Jerry - an American NSA agent - joins a team at GCHQ tackling cyber crime, junior analyst Joseph is particularly excited. But Director of Cyber Security Christine is less keen with the shakeup and wants to know the real reason Jerry is over here. Meanwhile, Jerry looks to make his mark by leading a series of team building exercises.

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s01e02 / Series 1, Episode 2

21st Feb '20 - 11:59pm
Series 1, Episode 2 Summary

When Joseph accidentally deletes the department personnel files the whole team are forced to redo their aptitude tests. Afraid of having to take a polygraph, Jerry manoeuvres to take over and run the test procedure himself. But when Jerry suspects that Christine may be hiding feelings for him he reluctantly agrees to taking the polygraph providing Joseph can secretly twist the results.

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s01e03 / Series 1, Episode 3

28th Feb '20 - 11:00pm
Series 1, Episode 3 Summary

When Christine announces that the NHS servers have been hacked, the whole team are forced to work through the night. But finding the work too tedious, and directly going against Christine's orders, Jerry takes matters into his own hands and coerces the rest of the team into tracking down the culprit behind the attack his own way.

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s01e04 / Series 1, Episode 4

28th Feb '20 - 11:59pm
Series 1, Episode 4 Summary

When GCHQ is hacked, Jerry suggests the person behind the cyber attack should join the team. But when Joseph becomes jealous of Jerry's cool new friend he looks to change his image and win back Jerry's affection. Meanwhile, shy cryptanalyst Mary gears up to seeing her ex-boyfriend for first time in 40 years who's been asked to deliver a seminar at GCHQ.

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s01e05 / Series 1, Episode 5

6th Mar '20 - 11:00pm
Series 1, Episode 5 Summary

When Jerry admits that he's slept with department hacker Tuva, Joseph is devastated. But when Joseph finds out that Jerry is married he begins to question their whole friendship. Meanwhile, having failed her appraisal, Christine attempts to soften her style as Mary tries to single-handedly manage the department's workload.

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s01e06 / Series 1, Episode 6

6th Mar '20 - 11:59pm
Series 1, Episode 6 Summary

When Jerry finds out his best friend and FBI agent Clint has been sleeping with his wife he accidentally shoots him. But when Clint shows up at GCHQ with an extradition order for Jerry, the truth about Jerry's NSA past comes out. Hoping it will grant Jerry British citizenship, Joseph and the team stage a wedding to protect Jerry and prevent him from leaving the UK.

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