Terenzio Summary

Emotions run high as the group makes one last desperate bid to reach safety before dawn breaks.

Into the Night Season 1 Episodes...

Into the Night Show Summary

A group of people are hijacked while on board a red-eye flight from Brussels. Terenzio, the hijacker, was an Italian NATO soldier. He forces his way onto the commercial aircraft and demands an early take-off. The handful of people in the aircraft becomes some of the survivors from a deadly global event that results from exposure to sunlight. The plane heads west in an attempt to survive this catastrophe thathugs all living organisms during daylight hours. The group - led by Mathieu, the pilot, and Sylvie, a passenger - must work together to keep the sun behind them. The group must deal with fuel shortage, irradiated food, hidden agenda, and other problems in their race to reach an underground military bunker.

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