Washington Holiday Summary

The U.S., in its efforts to convince the Kingdom of Romania to join N.A.T.O., invites the King to visit the U.S. However, after an earlier attempt on the King's daughter's life by a group opposed to the joining, the King begins to hesitate whether to join and whether it is safe for his daughter to join him on the trip. CIA's Clayton Webb steps in and asks that Rabb be assigned as the Princess' personal escort. Rabb reluctantly agrees, but soon finds the Princess a headstrong free spirited young woman who becomes infatuated with him. Can Rabb keep his eye on the ball and prevent an assassin they know is out there from killing the Princess?

JAG Season 2 Episodes...

JAG Show Summary

After being diagnosed with night blindness, Lt. Cmdr. Harmon Rabb, an F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot, is forced to change careers. Cmdr. Rabb chooses to join the Navy's Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps. There he both defends and sometimes prosecutes Navy and Marine Corps defendants. He is sometimes assisted by fellow lawyer, Lt. Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie, and his other fellow JAG staff.

Many of Rabb's cases require him to both keep up his F-14 qualifications and travel the world, in order to bring justice to the cases he is trying.

Rabb must also deal with the fact that his father, also a former Navy pilot, never returned home after being held prisoner after he was shot down in North Vietnam. Rabb believing his father is still alive continues the search he has pursued to find his father, since his teens.

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