Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

10th Sep '04 - 12:00am

Joey arrives in L.A. after his new agent offers him his choice of parts on two TV shows, and befriends his neighbor, Alex . His nephew, Michael, wants to move in with him at his new apartment, but Joey fears that this will upset his sister, Gina.

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s01e02 / Joey and the Student

17th Sep '04 - 12:00am
Joey and the Student

Gina is having trouble letting Michael live his own life, and Joey and Gina try to teach him how to pick up women. Joey is irritated by the notes his super leaves him.

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s01e03 / Joey and the Party

24th Sep '04 - 12:00am
Joey and the Party

Having trouble meeting people in L.A., Joey throws a party to get to know some of his neighbors. The one he'd like to get to know, Jake, is more interested in Gina. Alex pretends to be Michael's girlfriend so that he can one-up his friend.

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s01e04 / Joey and the Book Club

1st Oct '04 - 12:00am
Joey and the Book Club

Joey joins Michael's book club to meet pretty women. Michael is crazy about a girl in the book club, who's only interested in Joey. Looking to get her work noticed, Gina bargains with Alex.

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s01e05 / Joey and the Perfect Storm

8th Oct '04 - 12:00am
Joey and the Perfect Storm

There's a vacant apartment in the complex, and Joey and Michael try to hide it from Gina, fearing that she'll want to move in to be closer to them. Also, Joey is understudying in three plays at once.

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s01e06 / Joey and the Nemesis

15th Oct '04 - 12:00am
Joey and the Nemesis

Michael is sick and Gina is delighted. Staying at Gina's, Joey meets her secret boyfriend. Meanwhile, an actor named Brian Michael David Scott repeatedly tricks Joey into missing auditions.

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s01e07 / Joey and the Husband

22nd Oct '04 - 12:00am
Joey and the Husband

Joey donates his savings to Gina's plan to open her own salon, but she has second thoughts. Alex's husband returns to town, and Joey is mystified that Eric isn't threatened by him.

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s01e08 / Joey and the Dream Girl (1)

5th Nov '04 - 1:00am
Joey and the Dream Girl (1)

Gina's high school friend Donna comes to town, separated from her husband. Joey had a huge crush on Donna for years, and is happier than ever when they start going out. However, Donna confides in Gina that her husband wants to reconcile, and begs her not to tell Joey. Meanwhile, Michael is startled to discover that he was a great baseball player when he was younger.

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s01e09 / Joey and the Dream Girl (2)

12th Nov '04 - 1:00am
Joey and the Dream Girl (2)

Donna begged her not to, but Gina tells Joey about Donna's husband desire to reconcile. Joey takes Donna to a romantic bed-and-breakfast, but when Ron shows up in town, Donna ultimately ends up heading back to New York with him. Meanwhile, Alex discovers that she's hot and that hot girls get free stuff.

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s01e10 / Joey and the Big Audition

19th Nov '04 - 1:00am
Joey and the Big Audition

A discouraged Joey is just looking for an audition for a good show. At Alex's Northwestern alumni party, he's mistaken for an fellow alumni, and introduced to the Northwestern Mafia. They help him get an audition for a show called Deep Powder, described as 'Baywatch on skis.' Joey's a little depressed that he's auditioning for the father of two teenage characters.

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s01e11 / Joey and the Road Trip

3rd Dec '04 - 1:00am
Joey and the Road Trip

Bobbie gets Joey a job as a celebrity judge for the Miss Southwestern U.S.A. pageant, taking place in Las Vegas. With Gina, Michael and Alex in tow, he heads for Vegas. While there, Alex reveals her Celine Dion obsession, Michael teaches Gina how to count cards, and Joey accidentally sleeps with a pageant contestant.

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s01e12 / Joey and the Plot Twist

10th Dec '04 - 1:00am
Joey and the Plot Twist

Joey meets Deep Powder's executive producer, Lauren Beck. Joey worries that he may be fired after giving away a plot twist at a press conference. Alex, Gina and Michael decorate the apartment for Joey for Christmas.

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s01e13 / Joey and the Taste Test

7th Jan '05 - 1:00am
Joey and the Taste Test

Joey's relationship with costar Katie has consequences that could get him fired from the show, unless he manages to talk her out of her dressing room. Joey and Lauren acknowledge their feelings for one another. After Gina teaches Alex how to make lasagna, Joey is forced to judge a taste test.

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s01e14 / Joey and the Premiere

14th Jan '05 - 1:00am
Joey and the Premiere

Unable to decide who to take to the premiere of Deep Powder, Joey struggles to find tickets for Gina, Michael and Alex. At the premiere, Michael meets both a girl and Brent Spiner and must choose who to leave with. Gina's date is Lauren's ex-boyfriend, Alex's date is a lesbian, and Joey and Lauren kiss.

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s01e15 / Joey and the Assistant

21st Jan '05 - 1:00am
Joey and the Assistant

Following Bobbie's advice to get an assistant, Joey winds up with Glen, who couldn't be better. But when Glen starts dating Gina, his worlds colliding means problems for Joey. Eventually, Gina and Joey create some guidelines so that Glen can continue working for both of them. Meanwhile, Alex mediates Michael's dispute over a patent with his friend Seth.

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s01e16 / Joey and the Tonight Show

4th Feb '05 - 1:00am
Joey and the Tonight Show

Bobbie has booked Joey on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. En route to the show, he's stuck in a major traffic jam. After giving the finger to a guy who cut him off, Michael is terrified when they are stuck next to the guy's car. Gina meets two guys, one in an El Camino and one in a Mercedes. Alex saves the day when she shows up with a motorcycle that gets Joey onstage and hugging Jay Leno just in time.

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s01e17 / Joey and the Valentine's Date

11th Feb '05 - 1:00am
Joey and the Valentine's Date

Joey accidentally makes a date with a reporter from 'People' for Valentine's Day. He has the gang 'accidentally' bump into him and his date at the restaurant to ruin the mood, but his plans backfire when she thinks he's taking their relationship to the next level. A drunken Alex shares some sexual secrets with Gina. After Joey sends Michael over to hit on a table of girls, Michael actually becomes 'one of the girls.'

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s01e18 / Joey and the Wrong Name

18th Feb '05 - 1:00am
Joey and the Wrong Name

Joey is nominated for a Daytime Soap Award for his death scene on Days of Our Lives. (For the record, he was embraced.) He is also presenting the award for Best Supporting Actress, and a problem arises when his inability to correctly pronounce one of the nominees' names leads to his saying the wrong name entirely. Meanwhile, Gina struggles with the fact that she is dressed unlike herself for the event.

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s01e19 / Joey and the Fancy Sister

25th Feb '05 - 1:00am
Joey and the Fancy Sister

Joey and Gina's sister Mary Theresa is coming for a visit, and Gina can't stand her because she thinks the world revolves around her. When Mary Theresa discovers that her engagement ring is fake, she decides to call off the wedding and stay in California, leaving Joey and Gina to try to find a way to get her to return to New York. Meanwhile, Michael is oblivious of a girl's interest in him.

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s01e20 / Joey and the Neighbor

25th Mar '05 - 1:00am
Joey and the Neighbor

When he investigates the hot women coming out of the apartment across the courtyard, Joey discovers beautiful new neighbor Sara, a photographer. She is surprisingly straightforward and asks Joey out. After his date with Sara goes well, Joey forgets to cancel his backup and she shows up at the complex. Sara lets Joey know that she'll be okay with him dating other women, but that she'll be seeing other men as well. Meanwhile, Eric is home for the first time in two months, and he and Alex are not getting along. They have a long talk and decide to separate.

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s01e21 / Joey and the Spying

22nd Apr '05 - 12:00am
Joey and the Spying

As Eric moves out of their apartment and into one across the courtyard, Alex plants herself up in Joey's room with a pair of binoculars as Eric invites another woman over. After Alex goes to bed, Joey sees Eric kissing the other woman. Meanwhile, Joey's got problems of his own: even though he and Sara are allowed to see other people, he's not because he's too crazy about Sara. Trying to make her jealous, Joey discovers that she likes him as much as he likes her, and they decide not to see other people.

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s01e22 / Joey and the Temptation

6th May '05 - 12:00am
Joey and the Temptation

Just as Joey and Sara become exclusive, Joey has to do a love scene with Carmen Electra for Deep Powder. Meanwhile, Alex struggles the knowledge that Eric kissed another woman.

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s01e23 / Joey and the Breakup

13th May '05 - 12:00am
Joey and the Breakup

Joey asks Bobbie to help Sara find work. Sara gets a job working for Newsweek in Washington DC. Trying to get her to stay, Joey tells Sara he loves her and asks her to move in. Meanwhile, Michael's new girlfriend, a 45-year-old woman, cheats on him with a 60-something professor. Alex is struggling to keep herself together.

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s01e24 / Joey and the Moving In

13th May '05 - 12:00am
Joey and the Moving In

After asking Sara to move in with him, Joey freaks out. Sara freaks out too, and leaves without saying goodbye. Joey is heartbroken. On her first date in a long time, Alex accidentally offers sex to the guy, and Joey gets rid of him. While doing shots in Joey's bedroom and commiserating about the sad state of their love lives, Alex and Joey kiss! Meanwhile, Bobbie sets herself up with Michael at a Star Wars preview. When Gina confronts Bobbie about being attracted to Michael, Bobbie offers her a job.

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