Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous
Season 1

s01e01 / Camp Cretaceous

19th Sep '20 - 3:59am
Camp Cretaceous

After waiting his whole life to see dinosaurs, lucky Darius wins the chance to join five other campers on Isla Nublar for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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s01e02 / Secrets

20th Sep '20 - 3:59am

With the rest of the crew off visiting a genetics lab, Kenji sneaks Darius into the park's top-secret underbelly - and straight into danger.

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s01e03 / The Cattle Drive

21st Sep '20 - 3:59am
The Cattle Drive

The campers hop into their Gyrospheres to help move a dinosaur herd toward fresh grazing lands. But an incoming storm stirs up unexpected trouble.

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s01e04 / Things Fall Apart

22nd Sep '20 - 3:59am
Things Fall Apart

Darius remembers the promise he made to his dad. Elsewhere on the island, the campers find themselves face-to-face with a newly freed threat.

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s01e05 / Happy Birthday, Eddie!

23rd Sep '20 - 3:59am
Happy Birthday, Eddie!

After a close encounter with the Indominus, the gang seeks shelter in the genetics lab, where a strange scientist reveals the truth about Dr. Wu.

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s01e06 / Welcome to Jurassic World

24th Sep '20 - 3:59am
Welcome to Jurassic World

Sammy's secret shocks everyone - but there's no time for anger when an accident unleashes a flock of Pteranodons and forces the crew below ground.

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s01e07 / Last Day of Camp

25th Sep '20 - 3:59am
Last Day of Camp

The campers leave the Mosasaurus lagoon and fight their way onto the monorail ... where Ben gets a chance to face his fears.

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s01e08 / End of the Line

26th Sep '20 - 3:59am
End of the Line

It's a race against time as the campers make their way to the main dock to catch the last ferry leaving the island. But what if they're too late.

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