Season 3

s03e01 / The Gunfighter

18th Jan '12 - 3:00am
The Gunfighter

The arrival of a dangerous new player in Lexington puts Raylan on a collision course with a sadistic Dixie Mafia hitman.

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s03e02 / Cut Ties

25th Jan '12 - 3:00am
Cut Ties

The hug of a fellow marshal throws Raylan together with a former female colleague, and Art leaves the office to track down another angle of the case. Meanwhile, Boyd engineers a showdown with Dickie Bennett, despite Raylan's effort to prevent it.

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s03e03 / Harlan Roulette

1st Feb '12 - 3:00am
Harlan Roulette

Raylan's actions bring him face to face with the new mafia boss. Boyd's excessive methods for taking back his family empire threatens to destroy the crew.

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s03e04 / The Devil You Know

8th Feb '12 - 3:00am
The Devil You Know

A daring prison escape puts Raylan on the trail of two old foes. Meanwhile, Boyd confronts a traitor in his inner circle.

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s03e05 / Thick as Mud

15th Feb '12 - 3:00am
Thick as Mud

Raylan races to save Dewey Crowe from a gang of vicious organ harvesters. Boyd faces off with a new adversary.

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s03e06 / When the Guns Come Out

22nd Feb '12 - 3:00am
When the Guns Come Out

As Boyd fights for control of the Harlan oxy trade, Raylan works to keep the battle from becoming an all-out war while also battling a personal issue.

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s03e07 / The Man Behind the Curtain

29th Feb '12 - 3:00am
The Man Behind the Curtain

Raylan's tactics put him at odds with the FBI as he intensifies his efforts to take down Quarles and the Detroit mob.

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s03e08 / Watching the Detectives

7th Mar '12 - 3:00am
Watching the Detectives

A shocking hug forces Raylan to face past mistakes. Meanwhile, Boyd goes up against Harlan's corrupt sheriff.

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s03e09 / Loose Ends

14th Mar '12 - 2:00am
Loose Ends

Raylan pursues a Dixie Mafia soldier who could be the key to nabbing Quarles; Ava protects an imperiled prostitute by any means necessary.

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s03e10 / Guy Walks Into a Bar

21st Mar '12 - 2:00am
Guy Walks Into a Bar

Raylan struggles to keep Dickie Bennett in prison while contending with an increasingly unhappy and unpredictable Quarles. Boyd's Harlan election comes to a head.

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s03e11 / Measures

28th Mar '12 - 2:00am

While Raylan squares off with a pair of Detroit hit men, the battle between Boyd and Quarles comes to a head.

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s03e12 / Coalition

4th Apr '12 - 2:00am

While Raylan closes in on the ever-more-unpredictable Quarles, Boyd and Dickie Bennett team up in a last-ditch attempt to recover the fortune that Dickie's mother, Mags, left behind.

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s03e13 / Slaughterhouse

11th Apr '12 - 2:00am

After a state trooper is murderd, Raylan goes all out trying to find the hugger, leading to a final bloody showdown.

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