Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Season 13

s13e01 / Time to Dash

13th Mar '17 - 1:00am
Time to Dash Summary

During a trip to Miami, a major department store makes an offer to purchase Dash; Kourtney struggles to enjoy herself while in Scott's presence; Khloe keeps Kim in the dark about her new relationship.

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s13e02 / Paris

20th Mar '17 - 1:00am
Paris Summary

Kourtney is eager to experience Paris Fashion Week with Kim and see Kendall walk the runway for the first time, but their trip to the city of love takes a dark turn when Kim is robbed atballoonpoint.

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s13e03 / The Aftermath

27th Mar '17 - 1:00am
The Aftermath Summary

In the aftermath of Paris, Kim struggles to cope with frightening reminders of the robbery, Kendall wrestles with her decision to prosecute an unstable trespasser and Kris makes it her mission to heighten security for the entire family.

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s13e04 / Kim's Last Ditch Effort

3rd Apr '17 - 1:00am
Kim's Last Ditch Effort Summary

Kim undergoes one final procedure on her uterus in an attempt to carry another baby, but suffers from dangerous complications; Khloe worries about her business successes; Rob must learn to ignore criticism from his family.

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s13e05 / When It Rains, It Pours (Part 1)

10th Apr '17 - 1:00am
When It Rains, It Pours (Part 1) Summary

Kim begins to ease back into her public life, but is blindsided by some upsetting news about Kanye; Khloe is pressured to mend her strained relationship with Caitlyn; the family speculates about Kourtney and Scott; Rob welcomes his first baby.

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s13e06 / When It Rains, It Pours (Part 2)

17th Apr '17 - 1:00am
When It Rains, It Pours (Part 2) Summary

After receiving some troubling news about Kanye while in New York for the Angel Ball, Kim rushes home to his aid; Kendall worries that a bad review from Vogue could jeopardise her modelling career; Khloe clashes with Malika over priorities.

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s13e07 / The Ex Files

24th Apr '17 - 1:00am
The Ex Files Summary

After a fight between Rob and Chyna, the sisters feel a duty to protect their brother; Kris tries to rebuild her relationship with Cait; Kim tries to convince Khloe to hold onto her old mementos by making an ex-box

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s13e08 / Guilt Trip

1st May '17 - 1:00am
Guilt Trip Summary

Scott is devastated when he hears a rumour about Kourtney; Kim is back to work and fears she might not be cut out for her public lifestyle anymore; Kendall gets upset with Caitlyn when her efforts to spend time with her dad are taken for granted.

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s13e09 / Family Trippin' (Part 1)

8th May '17 - 1:00am
Family Trippin' (Part 1) Summary

After Kim busts Scott with a girl in Dubai, the family is surprised Kourtney allowed him on the family trip; the sisters discover Scott has invited yet another girl to join him in Costa Rica, the family decides it's time for Kourtney to confront him.

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s13e10 / Family Trippin' (Part 2)

15th May '17 - 1:00am
Family Trippin' (Part 2) Summary

The family confronts Scott about his unwelcome guest; Kourtney informs him that he's ruined any chance of getting back together; Khloe is fed up with her family's attitude; Kim anxiously prepares to testify against the men who robbed her in Paris.

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s13e11 / Classic Cars and Vintage Eggs

22nd May '17 - 1:00am
Classic Cars and Vintage Eggs Summary

Kim and Kourtney force Khloe to take a sentimental sister trip to Palm Springs to relive some of their fondest childhood memories; to save his relationship, Rob meets with a life coach; Kris receives an outrageous proposition from a royal family.

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s13e12 / Decisions, Decisions

29th May '17 - 1:00am
Decisions, Decisions Summary

Rob struggles to find a way to be civil with Chyna for their daughter; Khloe puts Kourtney through a series of silly tests to cure her indecisiveness; Kim jets to New York with Kylie for Kanye's highly-anticipated Yeezy fashion show.

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s13e13 / Loyalties and Royalties

5th Jun '17 - 1:00am
Loyalties and Royalties Summary

Kim becomes torn over maintaining a relationship with Cait; she confirms that her mom's reason for cutting ties is valid; Kendall introduces her sisters to the first openly gay royal; Rob implements his own time of the month.

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s13e14 / Sister Surrogacy

12th Jun '17 - 1:00am
Sister Surrogacy Summary

Khloé explores the possibility of becoming Kim's surrogate but receives some shocking news about her own fertility in the process; the sisters pressure Kourtney to step up her flirting game; Rob threatens to bail on his 30th birthday.

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